Vol. 10 No. 104                      THE GLOBAL AIR CARGO PUBLICATION OF RECORD SINCE 2001               Thursday October 20, 2011


(Exclusive)—Driven by the Hesse State court’s recent decision to forbid night flights at Frankfurt as of October 30th, Lufthansa Cargo has adjusted their flight schedules.
     This became necessary since the carrier operates an average of eleven night flights, which are directly affected and need alternative solutions to continue service.
     Details will be revealed at a press meeting in Berlin on Thursday; however, FlyingTypers can deliver the main results:
     Tianjin flights will be cancelled altogether.
     “With very little time given to adjust our schedules, we were not able to find a suitable solution,” regrets Michael Goentgens (right) of LH Cargo.
     Further, the Beijing and Guangzhou freighter flights will be routed via Cologne. “In Frankfurt, we’ll completely load the aircraft with shipments bound to China.
     “Late evening they will depart to Cologne for a technical stop of between four and five hours, before taking off for the Far East,” Michael said.
     In addition, LH Cargo indicated the eventual basing of one of their freight planes beginning next January at Cologne/Bonn airport.
     “After the sudden and unexpected situation in Frankfurt, we certainly will help Lufthansa in performing their operations,” stated Managing Director Michael Garvens (left) of CGN, when approached by FlyingTypers.
     A Chicago flight also affected, will be operated out of Leipzig/Halle airport instead of Frankfurt.
    Analyst Dirk Steiger (right) of Frankfurt-based Aviainform GmbH said, “Consequently, the vast majority of shipments will have to be trucked from Rhein-Main, where they are consolidated to Leipzig/Halle.
     “This will lead to further congestion on the German Autobahns and negatively influence the nation’s ambitious footprint on greenhouse gas emissions,” he said. The point emphasizes the ecological consequences the judges’ ruling will cause.
     Asked about the financial impact, with cancellations and the reorganization of Lufthansa Cargo’s freighter fleet, Steiger estimates total costs amounting to approximately €30 to 50 million euros.
     LH Cargo’s Goentgens spoke of the “substantial financial loss” his carrier will suffer due to the curfew imposed by the court.
     Despite the anticapated additional financial burden and the contingency flight plan his airline came up with, he assured customers of the operational reliability of Lufthansa Cargo.
     “We are convinced that under these difficult circumstances, we can offer you the best possible connections to the 300 destinations we globally serve,” Michael concludes.
Heiner Siegmund /Flossie


     China Southern and Airbus have chosen Chateauroux Airport France to train and certify the pilots of the first A380 delivered to CHINA, said airport spokesman Martin Fraissignes (inset).
     “After several ‘touch and go’ efforts with the support of instructors, pilots went back to Toulouse and then took off non-stop destination for PRC,” Fraissignes said.
     “The move confirms the capabilities of Chateauroux Airport, which is dedicated to cargo, pilot training and aircraft maintenance,” Martin added.


     Jim Shaw, a much beloved and respected colleague and dear, dear friend of 30+ years, passed away Tuesday, October 18 at home in Texas.
     Jim began his career in freight forwarding in Dallas, Texas, with Arthur J. Fritz & Company.
     In 1974, he was transferred by Fritz to become the Manager of the Export Department in Houston, where he remained until 1980.
     In 1980, Jim, along with other partners, founded WTS of Houston, Inc., which subsequently became known as WTS Global Logistics, where he remained as President until Agility Holdings acquired the company in 2007.
     After his retirement, Jim enjoyed his home and life on Lake Conroe and started a second career managing his rental properties.
     Those of us who had the privilege of visiting with him recently found him to be happier than ever, telling old stories and keeping us in stitches as always.
     Jim's dedication to the industry and his commitment to maintaining the highest standards of service and integrity in every endeavor, personal or professional, will be long remembered.
     His legacy through his work is one of honesty, integrity, exceptional customer service, true appreciation and respect for clients and a loyalty and devotion to his staff, the "WTS Family."
     WTS' motto was "Professionalism, Integrity and Experience" delivered through personalized service and Jim led the charge in this area.
     He was always ready to come to the aid of anyone who needed a helping hand and his sense of humor could brighten any day.
     Jim will be greatly missed by all who knew him.
     Arrangements are pending.
     Contact Pam Holdrup pholdrup@provenlogisticssolutions.com.

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