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   Vol. 19 No. 3
Tuesday January 14, 2020
White Paper Looks Ahead

White Paper Looks at USA Exports

     “Air Cargo export numbers from USA were a genuine roller coaster ride during 2019,” reports Mike White, President of Cargo Network services (CNS).
     “CNS CASS numbers through November 2019 reflect the U.S. government agreements with some of its key trade partners.
     “Over all,” Mike said, “we have seen a 6.8% drop in U.S. exports reported through CNS CASS.
     “Much of this reduction was in cargo going to two regions: North Asia saw a 10% drop; Asia Pacific was down 7%; and Europe was down 5%.
“The rest of the world has seen much the same, except for India which increased by 6%, albeit on very low volumes compared to the rest of the world.

June Was Not Bustin’ Out

     “Overall, U.S. exports saw the largest decrease in June, over 2018 figures with a 10.5 % drop.
     “The last quarter of 2019 was also underscored with decreases of 8.9% in November and 8.5% in September.
     “The last three months of 2019 were worse as we saw drops starting to occur in late 2018.”

What’s Next

     Brightening up a bit, Mike notes:
     “With the new U.S., Mexico and Canada (USMC) agreement, and the proposed agreements forthcoming with China, we could improve volumes in 2020. Of course what is now at play are also the recent issues in the Middle East and how the U.S. negotiations go with Europe and the UK after Brexit.
     “Other factors that are still at play are the upcoming U.S. Presidential elections, the strength of the U.S. economy and what impact the issues in the Middle East may have upon fuel prices.

Agenda Is More To Do

     “As trade agreements become normalized, we still have a lot of work to do with education and outreach to those people in the cargo community that make our business go.
     “CNS is working with our partners at IATA training and education on how we can improve training skills for the current and future air cargo work force.
     “We also should be seeing much more on the development of ONE Record, which is a vision for an end-to-end digital logistics and transport supply chain, in which data is easily and transparently exchanged in a digital ecosystem of air cargo stakeholders, communities and data platforms.
     “Our very special focus is being part of the global outreach on the need to be better informed on the transport of lithium batteries.

Turning The Juice Up On Lithium

     “CNS has already begun outreach awareness campaign on the dangers of shipping undeclared and misdeclared lithium batteries.
     “Consumer demand for lithium batteries is growing by 17% annually.
     “With it, the number of incidents relating to undeclared or misdeclared lithium batteries has also risen and it is important that everyone is aware of the proper handling involved,” Mike White said.

The Partnership

     Lastly, Mike enthuses, “the CNS Team is working hard on this year’s 30th Anniversary edition of its Annual 2020 Partnership Conference set for Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas April 26-28, 2020.
     “We are very proud to be bringing this event to deep in the heart of Texas and it is guaranteed to be one of the best,” Mike White assures.
     “We encourage folks to take advantage of the early bird rate for significant savings!
     “We look forward to seeing you in Fort Worth and let’s hope that trade is used in a positive way and that 2020 will be a better year for the air cargo industry,” Mike White concluded.

Jack Lindsey, Tony Calabrese, Brian Barrow, Richard Crandall and Buz Whalen
(L to R) first CNS President Jack Lindsay, second CNS President Anthony (Tony Calabrese), while original CNS Board Members Brian Barrow and Buz Whalen flank American Airlines CEO Robert Crandall.

Still The Best

     As CNS approaches the celebration of its 30th Partnership Conference we should never forget the work of people like Mike White in 2020, first CNS President Jack Lindsay and second CNS President Tony Calabrese, who along with industry executives like original CNS Board Member Brian Barrow, Guenter Rohrmann, Jo Frigger, Pat Phelan, Buz Whalen and others, recognized the need for better cooperation between airlines and forwarders and supported and brought the CNS Partnership Conference to the world.
     Today no industry trade show anywhere in the world approaches the overall networking value-for-money impact, that CNS delivers every year at its Annual Partnership conference.
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