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   Vol. 14  No. 10
Monday February 2, 2015

Wish We Said That-Bill Boesch

Wish We Said That

Bill Boesch
open quote
I noted your last issue talking about industry awards.
In air cargo when you talk of Emirates, one name comes to mind.
     How much of the value of that company was lost when Ram left?
     You don’t even have to say his last name to know of him.
     What he did with Dubai, a hub that had vertically no cargo, is truly
close quote      He should win the air cargo award of the century.
Bill Boesch

Bill Boesch served as top management at American Airlines Cargo from 1988-1998 and during an amazing four decade-plus career on the front lines of air cargo went on to build logistics services and save troops’ lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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