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   Vol. 14  No. 55
Friday July 3, 2015

Warren Jones Out At CNS
Warren Jones Out At CNS

   Warren Jones has unexpectedly stepped down from his post as president of IATA’s Cargo Network Services (CNS) effective June 30.
   Jones served as CNS President for less than two years.
   Reached at his home, Mr. Jones sounded okay with his sudden departure, telling FlyingTypers:
   “I am looking forward to my next adventure.
   “The only sadness is that I will no longer be working with some very fine people, including the CNS Advisory Board.
   “In my estimation, the CNS staff are among the best professional people with which anybody could ever hope to work.
   “It was an amazing two years.
   “We did some good work, including moving the CNS Scholarship program forward.
   “Air cargo must bring more young, educated transportation people into the industry and CNS is well positioned to continue its educational support effort.”
   Warren “Too Tall” Jones” joins what has become a long line of top executives at IATA who have served short sentences.
   Last year IATA Head of Cargo Des Vertannes stepped down after only three years of service from a post he once described as “the job of a lifetime.”
   CNS celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2015, but for the first two decades, it was largely shepherded by one man.
   President Tony Calabrese led the organization beginning at start up, when it was a quasi-independent (IATA Special Interest Group) organization. Since IATA took over center stage when Calabrese retired in 2006, CNS’s leadership has become a revolving door with Jens Tubbesing, Michael Vorwerk, and Warren Jones following one another in rapid succession.
   We spoke to industry expert Neel Jones Shah, chief Commercial Officer, Able Freight Services, Inc, who told FlyingTypers:
   “I am shocked at this news, as CNS under Warren Jones has enjoyed its two best Partnership Conferences ever in terms of attendance, format, and financial return.
   “Furthermore, at CNS Warren was instrumental in implementing the new payment system and furthering E-AWB penetration.
   “Warren has shown considerable ability to lead organizations successfully.
   “For example, TIACA Atlanta three years ago was the organization’s most successful event, and Warren as top cargo executive for TIACA was the main driving force.
   “Air cargo needs passionate people and Warren brought that to the table everyday.”

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