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   Vol. 14  No. 68
Monday August 24, 2015

Tallinn Revolution

Talinn Revolution     Three For Tallinn… Cargo Estonia, the Baltics (including Finland), and the rest of northern Europe have become an Ospentos address, as that handling company— headed up by all cargo experts (LtoR) Haiti Arendi, Erik Byman and Leevi Ekman brings a lifetime of logistics expertise to the fore.
In the country where Skype was born, and where one and half million citizens rank high among the most internet and IT savvy on the planet (each and every person has a chip identity card connected to every aspect of life, including voting), Ospentos has taken its handling expertise one step further, offering a software ground handling application license to small- and medium-sized cargo handling companies worldwide which allows them to compete with the big boys.
Ospentos’ Q-Step is delivering IT within reach of the smallest handling company from Estonia, where everyone seems to have a chip in their pocket and not on their shoulder.

Geoffrey Arend

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