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   Vol. 14  No. 84
Friday October 23, 2015

FIATA Online Learning Curve

FIATA Online Learning Curve

    “When the FIATA presidency approached me last year to serve as chairman of the newly formed FIATA Logistics Academy, (FLA) I did not hesitate,” Issa Baluch told FlyingTypers.
    “They viewed my association with Harvard University and MIT as key in taking this vision of embracing the young professionals and the need to train the new generation of logisticians in our sector.”
    Mr. Baluch built his Dubai-based company into a pioneering force in the development of the sea-air business in the Middle East before retiring and taking on a new life as visiting professor at Harvard. He spoke to us as FIATA Logistics Academy launched its new website: www.fiatalearning.com.
    “The excitement at the launch of the FLA website is palpable. This new site is aimed at serving the future professionals and leaders in our logistics industry,” Issa told FT.
    “We have been working intensively over the past several months to create a website that features a modern homepage design, clean layout of page content, and a consistent, site-wide navigation system,” said Verena Schaer, manager of the FIATA Logistics Academy.
    “It is accessible through a wide range of web browsers and devices, including mobiles and tablets, and has been designed to meet all relevant accessibility standards.”
    The website includes information relevant to the FLA—“Who We Are, Vision and Mission, Chairman’s Welcome, Talent Connect, E-learning, Cooperation, Mentorship and Resources”—as well as up-to-date news right at users’ fingertips.
    “Our hope at FIATA is that this website will be a rich tool for the user.
    “Whether this is a first encounter with the FLA or a long-running experience, the FIATA Logistics Academy hope that all enjoy browsing through our new site,” Issa Baluch said.


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