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   Vol. 22 No. 20 CNS Special IV
Wednesday June 7, 2023

Oscar Nobre Is Good

Oscar Nobre     Here is someone at CNS Partnership that always makes the going great.
     When he came upon the scene as fresh as Listerine nine years ago, little did we realize that he would emerge as one of the key drivers in getting things to work for all of us, making the CNS Partnership Conference one of the best cargo events.
     Oscar Nobre of McVeigh Global Meetings and Events is someone who is so good at what he does, he makes everyone look good.
     Oscar is the man behind the scenes in planning and running the CNS Partnership so it runs smoothly.
     Having been involved with the conference for 9 years, Oscar is well known by many of the sponsors and attendees as the go-to-guy to make things happen.
     But even more than that, Oscar wants to help.
     We recall one year when we could not get out of our own way and were having some real IT challenges.
     Oscar, in the midst of the ongoing CNS Partnership Conference, sorted that situation and got us back on track.
     It’s true that sometimes you don’t know what you got, until you lose it.
     Oscar Nobre is the home cooking that is the CNS Partnership every year.
     Congratulations again to Oscar and all the CNS team on making the 2023 event a continued air cargo tradition.

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