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   Vol. 22 No. 20 CNS Special IV
Wednesday June 7, 2023

Women In Air Cargo

Jessica Orme, Ingrid Lee, Jenny He and Jennifer Briggs

     In Miami at CNS Partnership Conference the “Women In Air Cargo Discussion “was refreshingly different with some well-positioned, thoroughly professional Cathay Pacific women, including Jessica Orme, Cargo Global Account Manager, The Americas; Ingrid Lee, Head of Cargo Digital; Jenny He, Regional Head of Cargo China and Jennifer Briggs, Area Cargo Manager Midwest USA and Eastern Canada.
     “Actually, the pandemic opened it up for women,” was one comment. Ingrid Lee Head of Digital recalled, “Early on in my career I showed up at a venue where people thought maybe I was an assistant.
     “All of that has changed now for the better, I was just on a panel at WCS Istanbul and everyone, both genders had one message with ONE record, get it done. We are all in this together.”
     Jenny He with Cathay Cargo for 30 years is a “go to” top executive at Cathay. Jenny is forthright and a top performer.
     “I have worked for Cathay since graduating from Fudan University in Shanghai majoring in World Economics.”
     All of the panelists agreed on the importance of women mentors, who had paved the path for them.
     At the session one long-time trade show attendee said, “It was a great discussion. This panel was one of the best women’s panels I have seen.”
     Nice going, Cathay. Your panel like the breath of fresh air that filled the room while it was being held, was at once exciting and interesting, opening a brand new world that should be followed at other gatherings, bringing some new life to trade show sessions.

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