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   Vol. 23 No. 7
Tuesday February 13, 2024

Pharma Not Just Dry Ice In A Box

Jennifer Haigh, Bill Nesbitt, Mikey Langford, Patricia Cole

     Jennifer L. Haigh (pictured at podium above), United Cargo Head Of Specialty Products, Americas is thinking “Small” when the big subject is "Pharma".
     “Pharma today is smaller shipments with shorter lead time in small dosages that can add up millions of dollars in value.
     “Thirty five percent of all pharma moves by air,” Jen said.
     But in a world of air cargo leaning into saving lives and making a supreme effort to assuage pandemics and disease, the human side of things is never far away either as Jennifer says:
     “It gives me the chills sometimes when I think of what we are doing to save lives, all of us in air cargo.”
     Patricia Cole, Global Head Temperature Management Solutions, DHL Global Forwarding put it this way:
     Moving pharma “is about how to reduce time on the ramp and increase visibility across the lifecycle of shipments,” Patricia said.
     “We have about 15 years of data that DHL utilizes. DHL looks at temp issues and weather issues when working with customers.
     “Now we are seeing increased demand for our ability to handle liquid nitrogen.
     “Those shipments are an expensive proposition but also a great opportunity that can grow 35% during the next few years”, Patricia Cole concluded.

Michael Langford, Patricia Cole, Bill Nesbitt

     Michael (Mikey) Langford, Global Key Account Manager, Forwarders, Envirotainer brought some smiles describing containers,' “Newer tech rather than just dry ice in a box.
     “But data and sharing data between parties is important.
     “Cool chain shipping needs better communication and across the board a better flow of shared data.
     “When you think about the challenge, it is not internal temp but external temp, humidity and other sensors and keeping everyone in the loop.
     “Tech can accelerate ability for us to share the data with everybody in the chain.
     “Air cargo is building upon a great foundation, ever evolving and improving the cool chain.
  AirCargo2024 logo   “One big challenge is to continue to reduce the number of hands touching the product,” Mikey said.
     Bill Nesbitt, Sr. Mgr. Cargo Business Development, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) shared some insight from Big D that, by the way, hosts Cargo Network Services Corp. (CNS) Partnership Conference that begins April 14
          “Our strategy,” Bill said “includes an investment for cold chain services right on the tarmac for any carrier to use.
     “DFW wants your pharma and meets the needs of pharma biz by being involved with the industry.
     “The cloud platform at DFW is important tool to share the data between parties and users that are part of the platform,” Bill said.
     “DFW keeps working to deliver cool-chain storage.
     “We are looking to see if/how we meet or exceed the need and that could also include enhancing storage facilities closer to the gate. Cold dollies are something we are looking at aswell,” Bill Nesbitt concluded.

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