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   Vol. 23 No. 7
Tuesday February 13, 2024

UPS Keynoter Showstopper

Jim Luciani     Big organizational news out of AirCargo 2024 the kickoff event yesterday which partners the The Airforwarders Association, the AEMCA (Air and Expedited Motor Carriers Association) and Airports Council International - North America in Louisville, Kentucky is that Jim Luciani (left) was named Executive Director of AEMCA.
     AEMCA is an independent association whose core values created in 1988 are to offer members the opportunity to educate, advocate and promote business development through networking with members and industry groups.
     Over the years, the AEMCA has represented the air freight trucking industry on many legislative and security issues, as well as keeping up with the ever-changing demands of this industry.
AirCargo2024 logo      Also announced opening day in Louisville the date and location for the 2025 AirCargo event: March 2, 2025 in Arlington, Texas.
     Patrick Haley, CFM, C.M., ACE Haley, Air Cargo Facilities Manager-Seattle-Tacoma Airport International Airport and ACI Air Cargo Chair offered a heartfelt tribute to the late Daniel Muscatello mentioning attendees might read about a truly great airport builder as presented in our FlyingTypers.
     Eric Bossdorf from Descartes Systems Group Systems introduced Keynote speaker Captain Houston Mills who today is UPS President of Flight Operations & Safety, and the only black man serving in that role for any airline in the USA.
     Houston Mills, a true ground breaker served proudly as a U.S. Marine pilot with the call sign, ”Dallas”.
     For this conference, Houston may have uttered the most memorable quote this week as a person of color and a complete rarity at any air cargo event this year, declaring:
     “Our industry cannot rollout digital tech without rolling out ideas, knowledge and engagement, inclusive top to bottom.
     “Jim Casey, founder of UPS, Houston said, always emphasized:
     “Determined people working together can do anything.”
     Then he smiled and declared: “We must be sure to advocate for what is
important to our collective community. This has to be the core philosophy to advance business to the over 500,000 workforce at UPS.
     “Our people deliver what matters most, their caring and service to communities all over America and globally.
     The other news is that this conference opened on President Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, a national holiday.
     Meantime about 900 delegates in attendance at AirCargo are in Louisville getting underway with meetings and networking aimed at logistics.
     Works for us.

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