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   Vol. 23 No. 12
Wednesday March 13, 2024

Big Story At HACTL

Willie Walsh, Wilson Kwong

     In the picture this week in Hong Kong is Wilson Kwong, (r) CEO of Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd ( HACTL) receiving the Certificate of Registration for the IATA Environmental Assessment ( IEnvA) Organization from Willie Walsh, Director General of International Air Transport Association (IATA).
     At WCS 2024 Hong Kong this week if there were Skytypers writing across the sky above the throng gathered below at HK Expo Center, the words, like the focus of HACTL would be:
     “Digitalization, Safety & Sustainability.”
     The given here is the widely-held belief that sustainability impacts all of us one way or the other.
     Here at IATA WCS, focus for a moment on the sustainability efforts and achievements of WCS host city, Hong Kong.
     To set the table, rewind the clock maybe 40 or 50 years when Hong Kong was synonymous with the manufacture of toys, textiles and cheap electronics.
     One could be forgiven for being surprised, in those days that word up around here was that “muck makes money.”
     But for some years now sustainability is front and center in the city’s sights and sensibilities.
     And nowhere is it more so than out at Hong Kong International Airport, the busiest air cargo operation in the world.
     A closer look reveals some real achievement here:
Benny Siu      As explained by Benny Siu, (left) Head of Safety, Sustainability and Quality Assurance at HACTL, the gateway’s trilateral approach to a workable Sustainability Program includes: Climate Action, Waste Management, (e.g. Revive and Thrive) and Inclusiveness.
     Some examples of these initiatives include recycling of the vast amounts of timber waste, empty wooden forklift pallets being the main culprit, into simple pieces of furniture for the less fortunate of Hong Kong, carried out by HACTL staff, all on their own time.
     HACTL is going to also utilize Renewable Diesel (RD) fuel made from fats and oils, for those vehicles and GSE that for technical purposes cannot be battery powered.
     “On the subject of alternative sustainable fuel sources for vehicles, the Airport Authority Hong Kong has set 2027 as the date to have a hydrogen refuelling station on the airport enabling widespread use of hydrogen powered vehicles,” Benny Siu said.
     It seems that Hong Kong International Airport has ambition and will power to continue to lead the way as the premier gateway in this region, and also as the most sustainable!
Bob & Urs

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