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   Vol. 23 No. 12
Wednesday March 13, 2024

IATA Hong Kong Humdinger

IATA World Cargo Symposium 2024

     The party may be just about over for IATA’s World Cargo Symposium in Hong Kong where the show closes on Thursday at noon at the Hong Kong Expo Center but no doubt results are in when standing back and taking measure of the gathering experience for our air cargo business.
     For many here it feels as if a cloud has just been lifted.
     If you turn the clock back to September or October of just last year, in 2023 the mood was one of gloom, with little or no sign of a peak season.
     Yields and volumes were low as an omnipresent gloom seem to hang over the industry.
     Fast forward to WCS 2024 with more than 1,900 animated, involved attendees inspiring IATA DG Willie Walsh jubilantly proclaiming the cargo event as the "biggest" since IATA went into business in 1945.
     The mood here is buoyant and you would be hard pressed to find anybody that was in Hong Kong this week, who is not talking about growth and opportunities.
     Thank e-commerce in no small part as a reason behind some creditable optimism moving forward in 2024.
     Listen to Tom Owen, Director Cargo at Cathay Pacific, who termed that growth as “phenomenal”, which is not a word one hears all that frequently around the air cargo industry.
     And in a world of what goes around comes around, hey friend, how about Hong Kong doing it once again; perfectly placed and willing and able to handle any new twist in the air cargo road.
     Hong Kong, given its unique location in the Pearl River Delta, home of a great deal of Chinese-based manufacturing offers spectacular connectivity of its airport and air services.
     Our regular readers have read our coverage of Canaio Smart Gateway towering over the cargo area at the airport.
     This impressive investment received more than a few accolades during WCS, and why not?
     Here is where all your air cargo tomorrows are greeted by a truly smart facility, integrating both the traditional cargo functions of pallet buildup and breakdown with the e-commerce action.
     Of course, e-commerce is not without some challenges, but here is a best bet that the always elusive last mile has been finally approached to do things faster and more efficiently with the traditional “speed bumps” found in air cargo operations smoothed out.
     Finally with its third runway almost ready for full scale operations, Hong Kong’s cargo capacity just added an eye popping one million tons of e-commerce opportunity.
     Hong Kong delivered a genuine humdinger event at WCS 2024.
     Thanks Hong Kong & IATA—We needed that!
Bob & Urs

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