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   Vol. 22 No. 20 CNS Special IV
Wednesday June 7, 2023

Todd Pigeon, Eric Bossdorg, Jimmy Gaylor, Scott Sangster, Jeffery Koehl, Eric Hare, Peter Brittin, Milt Fenske, Rhett Stutler, Ed Burek and Vladimir Camacho

     Gadzooks! IATA Cargo Network Services (CNS) Partnership Conference is over.
     Nobody competed for an award, but everybody was a winner with wall-to-wall business being done in suites all over the place.
     So what happens when you forgo a blizzard of awards final dinner?
     Everybody had a loud fun dinner as at the end of some long couple of days, folks just kicked it up a notch.
     CNS Partnership was, where being there with Oscar was award enough.
     We have been thinking about that one.
Nathalia Rodriguez, Rosemary Caizea and Nathaly Forero     What emerged in Miami this week is a Brotherhood of Man . . . a sisterhood—benevolence toward each other, call it what you will, but a definite feeling filled the halls of South Florida for a couple days in June as CNS met.
     Yup, we got those small packages back in the hold. All kinds of new people are starting air cargo careers.
     “Empty the ashtrays, get out some ice,’ cause we’re having a party and the people are nice!”
     Gripes? There were a few, the extra-long wait for room service, not very good for all the money.
     It’s just a hamburger.
     But looking into the faces here, you can’t help but be proud to be in this air cargo transportation society as it comes back, now finally together, meeting and once again advancing.
     Saw people like Jens Tubbesing, Mike White, Warren Jones, and thought of Michael Vorwerk if we could only find him. Wondered why the Ex-Presidents and maybe some long-time advocates of CNS didn’t get together and share some thoughts during a special session?
     Would have loved to have had Laura Pullins, the first lady CNS President as a “surprise” special guest being allowed to ask each ex-President a question!
     Maybe the Ex-Presidents could present Laura a golden key to the executive Ladies Room that for 38 years since CNS was founded has been vacant.
     A little screwball comedy might be the best post-COVID prescription!
     Dear hearts and gentle people is how we see it.
     It really does matter that we are together.
     CNS and when you think of it, TIACA matter because every time these uniquely original groups meets there’s more spirit to it!
     CNS has the lofty goal of delivering partnership.
     TIACA is the greatest effort ever to include everybody in air cargo.
     Glyn Hughes, who once and for as long as we knew him, was a fixture at IATA Cargo, now has come to TIACA as their leader. Are we glad he did.
     It’s an exciting time. It looks like the storm of COVID is over.
     We (you and me) are what’s left, but what that offers is incredible hope for the future.
     Look again at the faces, they tell the story.
     Now what will happen next in organized cargo has input from most sectors, some strong leadership, not to mention legions of long overlooked women.
     Cannot wait until tomorrow, because things look better every day.

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The Man Who Is Changing
The Way To Pay Cargo

Jessica Orme, Ingrid Lee, Jenny He and Jennifer Briggs

     In Miami at CNS Partnership Conference the “Women In Air Cargo Discussion “was refreshingly different with some well-positioned, thoroughly professional Cathay Pacific women, including Jessica Orme, Cargo Global Account Manager, The Americas; Ingrid Lee, Head of Cargo Digital; Jenny He, Regional Head of Cargo China and Jennifer Briggs, Area Cargo Manager Midwest USA and Eastern Canada.
     “Actually, the pandemic opened it up for women,” was one comment. Ingrid Lee Head of Digital recalled, “Early on in my career I showed up at a venue where people thought maybe I was an assistant.
     “All of that has changed now for the better, I was just on a panel at WCS Istanbul and everyone, both genders had one message with ONE record, get it done. We are all in this together.”
     Jenny He with Cathay Cargo for 30 years is a “go to” top executive at Cathay. Jenny is forthright and a top performer.
     “I have worked for Cathay since graduating from Fudan University in Shanghai majoring in World Economics.”
     All of the panelists agreed on the importance of women mentors, who had paved the path for them.
     At the session one long-time trade show attendee said, “It was a great discussion. This panel was one of the best women’s panels I have seen.”
     Nice going, Cathay. Your panel like the breath of fresh air that filled the room while it was being held, was at once exciting and interesting, opening a brand new world that should be followed at other gatherings, bringing some new life to trade show sessions.

Brandon Fried, Thomas Kenny and John Beckius

He Said/He Said
     This dedicated group is what can happen when serious people get together and toss around what is wrong, what is right to try and make a better industry.
     Everybody knows how to criticize it seems, but here comes a pause in the day’s occupation to say thank you to everybody who took the time to participate live and in person at CNS Partnership.
     In the U.S. we have two opportunities yearly to gather and support advancing ourselves. One is CNS Partnership. The other is The Airforwarders AirCargo Conference.
     So for our readers we have trimmed down the comments of these fine people to something a participant on this panel managed to say as something you might want to talk more about.
     Unfortunately you had to be there in Miami in person to share that benefit.
     So maybe you have to wait ‘til next year to get that opportunity, but on the other hand maybe CNS can go live and share some of these discussions online?
     Thanks to all for sharing . . . You put your heart on your sleeve and am sure you helped someone along with your input.

Security & Dangerous Goods Panel

    Information from FAA: There have been 1,300-1,400 investigations on Dangerous Goods Incidents so far this year.
    Smart thinking puts focus on partnerships with the supply chain.
    Fire safety branch looking at fires from lithium batteries. Now personal devices almost daily in the cabin.
    There are almost 1,000 approved K9 teams in the U.S. to screen for explosives.
    Now get trained for lithium batteries. Right now, no excuses.
    Large items screening allowances go away Oct 31, 2023. The originators of these types of cargo are being brought into the secured supply chain. TSA is encouraging them to move every step of the way into the security program.

Oscar Nobre     Here is someone at CNS Partnership that always makes the going great.
     When he came upon the scene as fresh as Listerine nine years ago, little did we realize that he would emerge as one of the key drivers in getting things to work for all of us, making the CNS Partnership Conference one of the best cargo events.
     Oscar Nobre of McVeigh Global Meetings and Events is someone who is so good at what he does, he makes everyone look good.
     Oscar is the man behind the scenes in planning and running the CNS Partnership so it runs smoothly.
     Having been involved with the conference for 9 years, Oscar is well known by many of the sponsors and attendees as the go-to-guy to make things happen.
But even more than that, Oscar wants to help.
     We recall one year when we could not get out of our own way and were having some real IT challenges.
     Oscar, in the midst of the ongoing CNS Partnership Conference, sorted that situation and got us back on track.
     It’s true that sometimes you don’t know what you got, until you lose it.
     Oscar Nobre is the home cooking that is the CNS Partnership every year.
     Congratulations again to Oscar and all the CNS team on making the 2023 event a continued air cargo tradition.

Tom BartmanTom Bartman, Partner
McKinsey & Company
Talks e-Commerce

  “When activist investors knock at the door, companies can do themselves a favor and let them in.
  “ECommerce supply chain ain’t easy.
  “How are you going to get paid?
  “Customs clearance isn’t quite transparent.
  “Difficulty in end-to-end visibility due to multiple players with different IT systems.
  “A chatbot may not take your job—but it will almost certainly change it. Start thinking about putting gen AI to work for you.”

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