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   Vol. 16 No. 10
Tuesday January 31, 2017

Goodbye Obama, Hello Trump

Goodbye Obama Hello Trump

Our very own Anthony Atamanuik is performing his singular Trump impersonation on February 4 at Kallang Theater in Singapore. The show, called “Goodbye, Obama, Hello, Trump” lampoons both presidential figures and features two of the best impersonators in the field—Anthony Atamanuik (Donald Trump) and Reggie Brown (Barack Obama).
   If you haven’t caught Anthony’s act before, there’s no better time than now. We’re only two weeks into Trump’s presidency and already feeling the heat (and subsequent repercussions) of his early initiatives. While there are many Trump impersonators in the field, none have so thoroughly parodied President Trump. Anthony is alone in his signature brand of comedic activism—we’re going to need his laughs to get through the next four years!

   For More: http://www.la-comedylive.com/goodbyeobamahellotrump. To buy tickets click here.

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