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   Vol. 16 No. 42
Friday May 5, 2017

Overheard At CNS

Overheard At CNS 2017

Eytan Sheetrit  

  “Our IT solution rises above the Tower of Babble.”

 Eytan Sheetrit,    President
 CargoMatrix, Inc.

Chris Notter
   “The food service at this year’s CNS Partnership Service was extraordinarily good. The fellowship was good, it was all good”

Joseph 'Chris' Notter
Vice President Operations
Saudia Cargo

Jay Shelat and Milind
   “The food was great at all meals. I wish there had been a vegetarian selection at the Monday night dinner.” – Jay Shelat, (left) and Milind Tavshikar (right) of SmartKargo

   Name Withheld

“How can an industry like air cargo allow so much loss of business tied directly to the Unknown Shipper rule?
   "Air cargo already has a 100 percent screening mandate.
   “The Unknown Shipper's rule on top of that is killing our business.”

(Name withheld)

Duncan Watson
   “They (CNS) should not overthink this conference or for that matter start things too early in the morning.
   “This is the best networking event in the world.
   “Just let it flow.
   “Don’t fix it. It ain’t broke.”

Duncan Watson
VP Commercial Cargo Operations
Emirates SkyCargo

Eric Mathieu   "I have a lot of energy. I love to take something that isn't working and fix it.
   "Customer service is not difficult. You listen to your customers' requests, and tell them what you can do.
   "When you make a mistake you can't be afraid to admit it. You fix it and show your customers how you fixed it."

Eric Mathieu
Director Customer Experience
American Airlines Cargo

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