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   Vol. 15  No. 48
Wednesday June 22, 2016

Letters To The Editor For June 22, 2016

newsletter graphicRE: Lufthansa Cutbacks Tip Of The Iceberg

Dear Mr. Arend,

   It has been almost 10 years to the day since I commented on a certain Mr. Bill’s (negative) statements addressed to Dr. Andreas Otto criticizing well-balanced price hikes. Well, time has proven Dr. Andreas right, as predicted by myself. But that’s history. Having said this, now, after these 10 years, I’d like to contribute another 2 cents to “Lufthansa Cutbacks Tip Of The Iceberg.” I guess, as a 30+ year “veteran” (now retired) of German Cargo/Lufthansa Cargo, I may still have enough of a clue to do so.
   I am bugged by some of the statements below the “Iceberg” drawing because during my career I heard them again and again. Examples:
   “Throwing the baby out with the bath water” is synonymous with "I don’t have an idea what I am talking about, but I keep on talking anyway.” Where’s the beef?
   If the early retirees didn’t do all in their power to bring their youngsters up to speed, they should’ve retired earlier, because they didn’t perform (at least this part) of their jobs. And, early retirees are leaving with benefits and the younger folks are holding onto their jobs. That’s not bad, is it?
“Re-inventing the wheel” is also something from (pardon my French) the bullshit bingo handbook. Could be topic 4, the others being: 1. we have always done it this way, 2. we have never done it this way, 3. and in general...
   While the world around us is striving for “Industry 4.0,” the air cargo business is still somewhere in the range of 1.4. Who, other than the youngsters, is predestined to force major pushes—beyond (in)famous “Cargo2000?” If they make mistakes, like re-inventing a spike of the wheel, so be it. Just keep the error margin low and the wheels spinning.
   During my time in operations, handling the whole of Asia, “East of Suez” was run by some 90 people. So, in fact, handling was outsourced all over. Nevertheless, it was the best performing area worldwide. It might be a different story when it comes to operating the hubs. But even there the key word was and still is: process, regardless of outsourced and/or in-house.
   Now I come to the worst part: I was employee Nr. 13 (lucky number) when I joined German Cargo (GCS) in 1977; 4 707F, later 5 DC8F. The company changed a lot, when—early 1990s—it took over most of Lufthansa’s freighter operation (747F, 737F) and was renamed “Lufthansa Cargo Airlines.” Freighter Operation! Not anymore!
   It is simply ridiculous to compare a tiny GCS to a comparatively giant Lufthansa Cargo. It’s even more ridiculous to maintain that GCS standards kept Lufthansa Cargo going. Maybe there were a few standards and procedures, but that was a drop in the ocean. Lufthansa Cargo over time has developed (further) its own standards and its own “spirit.” And it did this well.
   Noteworthy: GCS was never acquired by Lufthansa Cargo. It has always been a 100 percent subsidiary of Lufthansa and was—in 1994—transformed into Lufthansa Cargo AG. Whoever your source on this was: tell him to get the basics right.
   In order not to waste more of your time I will stop here with one “famous last sentence”: Yes, times are difficult and challenging. When haven't they been? If there’s one thing I feel sorry about, it’s that unfortunately, I can’t take a part in fighting challenges anymore.
   One more thing: As far as I know, Ms. Menne is leaving Lufthansa by the end of September. I wouldn't call such a 3+ months notice “suddenly.”

Werner Schuessler

Mass Layoffs At Lufthansa Cargo
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Dear Herr Schuessler,

   Thank you very much for your thoughtful and comprehensive letter casting a decent and expansive rationale on current events at Lufthansa Cargo.
   In your opening paragraph you mention an incident long ago, which involved a UK publication that began in 1983 by taking the name of our publication, which began in America in 1975.
   So in fact this would be your first comment to us about an editorial and again my most sincere welcome and thanks.
   Point of fact is we love and have the greatest respect and affection for Dr. Andreas and hope to have a dessert sometime with him in Vienna as he labors to lift the fortunes of Austrian Airlines.

Every good wish,

Dear Geoffrey,

   Although I admit Lufthansa Cargo is going through difficult times, I feel obliged to comment on your recent report. Especially basing your writing on anonymous sources (why wouldn't they state their names? Are we still in the inquisition?)
   And then in particular, the comments of a retired source. Knowing from my own experience (being retired from Lufthansa), you will not and cannot have enough inside knowledge to judge what is really going on.
   Let it be, the measures taken will hopefully take the company to a good turn.
   There were always those in the forwarding community who thought service and quality sucks, but it was proven otherwise.
   I believe a little boost and confidence would do better.

Best regards,
Klaus Holler

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