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   Vol. 15  No. 45
Monday June 13, 2016

Mass Layoffs At Lufthansa Cargo

Mass Layoffs At Lufthansa Cargo

Simone Menne   On September 2, 2016, one day after Simone Menne (left) quit her job at Lufthansa as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to assume corporate board division finance responsiblity of the family-run Boehringer Ingelheim, which ranks among the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies, Lufthansa shares fell 5.5 percent to their lowest point since September 2015.
   Then came a report from Reuters on Friday, June 10, that Lufthansa Cargo was slashing up to 800 jobs from its total workforce of 4,600.
   The Lufthansa Cargo news appeared exactly 45 days after the carrier was named “Platinum Winner” at a UK Cargo Airline of the Year bow-tie event.
   But now platinum turns to lead, as once mighty Lufthansa Cargo headed by Peter Gerber has lost its luster and is a struggling cargo operation faced with what may be nothing less than a battle for survival.
   Elsewhere at the carrier, a top to bottom revamp for the entire airline appears to be next, including, according to a source, “a controversial 25 percent cut in personnel at Lufthansa’s heavy maintenance base at HAM.”
   “Mechanics Union is on notice from management to take the cutbacks or face losing the HAM heavy maintenance altogether to LH Technik in the Philippines,” the source added.
   And the beat goes on . . .

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