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   Vol. 15  No. 48
Wednesday June 22, 2016

Voices At Lufthansa Cargo
Voices At Lufthansa Cargo
     We love air cargo.
     Our stories, often presented with a positive spirit, can at times create some waves, but our purpose is to extend the conversation and perhaps be a catalyst by generating some energetic straight talk.
     Yes, we expect and hope that our revelations stir things up, but the thoughts advanced here are based on careful interviews with people we know and respect, some of whom, for various reasons—most notably self-preservation—prefer to not be identified.
     In any case, one cannot overlook or deny that right now (and maybe for some time) the consensus in the cargo community is that Lufthansa Cargo, a quality carrier, is flying in some heavy weather.
     We believe being retired does not make a person stupid.
     In fact, a retiree (who in some cases might also be a customer) has a certain unique position informed by expertise, knowledge, and, if you will allow, a yardstick to measure quality.
     We agree that things at times are not as they appear.
     But with all the uproar going on in the media about Lufthansa Cargo, we think that it is now time for all hands on deck, and those with experience and proven inside knowledge should not be shunted aside, but rather encouraged to speak up and add their voices to the conversation.
     We are not talking about flybynight airlines here. This is Lufthansa, one of the greatest, most important airlines in business today and throughout aviation history.
Geoffrey At the Marine Air Terminal     Maybe we are snake bit.
     For most of our 41 years of publishing, our offices were located at The Marine Air Terminal (MAT) at LaGuardia Airport in New York City.
     We saved the MAT in 1980; today it is a historic landmark—the place where international aviation took off in the United States, serving the greatest city in the world.
     MAT was also built and operated as a home to Pan American World Airways, which was founded in 1927 and practically wrote the book on international aviation.
     Pan Am was left twisting in the wind and eventually went out of business 25 years ago in 1991.
     Lufthansa Cargo, while certainly far from over, might benefit from listening to all the voices.
     To our ears, the voices raised from customers, employees, and long time retirees (who still have their hearts for the company) are nothing more than an outcry of “we want our old Lufthansa back.”
     What do you think?
     Thanks for joining the conversation.
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