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   Vol. 15  No. 53
Thursday July 14, 2016

CNS Field Of Dreams

CNS Field Of Dreams

      Now we are in the gone-fishing, lazy, hazy days of summer, and a voice rises from the baseball movie Field of Dreams that whispers:
      “If you build it, they will come.”
      Cargo Network Services (CNS) has just announced an air cargo conference for early October, calling it the “U.S. Air Cargo Industry Affairs Summit” (USACIA). It will be held in Washington, DC, October 3-5, 2016.
      CNS President Lionel Van Der Walt writes:
      “CNS has joined forces with eight notable Industry Associations to bring attendees from across the nation’s supply chain to meet face-to-face with key government officials.
      “Executives of the trade involved in government compliance and regulatory affairs will have the forum to discuss important issues and showcase the positive impact air cargo has for the United States.
      “Our Association partners include Airforwarders Association (AFA), Airlines for America (A4A), Cargo Airline Association (CAA), Express Association of America (EAA), Express Delivery & Logistics Association (XLA), International Air Transport Association (IATA), National Customs Broker and Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA), and The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA),” Mr. Van Der Walt said.

Information Please

      OK, so new CNS President Lionel does not sit still and is out shaking things up amongst the industry icons.
      First out of the block was the CNS Partnership Conference in Nashville this past May, which was generally regarded as a success.
      That was followed by an announcement of a “CNS Innovation & Technology Conference” that was supposed to take place in Dallas, Texas, June 27-28.
      However, without any warning, a posting on the CNS website now states:
      “This event has been postponed. New dates and details will be posted soon.”
      So before you say, “who needs another trade show?” take a deep breath. For those inclined to Oktoberfest in DC, here is an address to get some more specific event details and the agenda:

Lots of Luck

      While wishing CNS well with what appears at first look to be a sincere attempt, we also gently wonder, why the rush?
      CNS, which counts freight forwarders as a major part of “The CNS Partnership,” has in fact scheduled an event for the same timeframe as FIATA. The world organization of freight forwarders is holding their Annual World Congress and 90th Anniversary Celebration in Dublin, Ireland.
      Looking over the list of supporters of USACIA, Airforwarder President Brandon Fried is not active with FIATA and headquarters AfA in Washington (as does Airlines for America), so we suppose it makes some sense to add voices to their lobbying efforts on behalf of transportation.

Election Year Event

      2016 is also an election year in America.
      Maybe that has something to do with securing various government department heads or their lieutenants as speakers, but as of right now most speakers at the first USACIA event are listed as “invited.”
      Beyond all of that, with all due respect, we must cast a weathered eye as to what is to be believed from a politician or outgoing head of department given that it will be one month before the national elections. How can we be sure it’s not about maintaining their legacy?
      We can only hope that USACIA works and perhaps offers a breakthrough moment at one or more of the sessions. We will of course provide event updates as they occur.

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