Vol. 9 No. 118                                                       WE COVER THE WORLD                                   Tuesday November 2, 2010



Welcome To
Air Cargo News Flying Typers Gala 35th Anniversary Issue

   Actually this issue is Part One that covers the news as always plus a host of stories and a look back at some of the memorable events of the 21st century.
     Part Two which will appear in three weeks will include more news plus a look all the way back to the origins of global commercial aviation.
     We thought at first that we could produce this "Gala" in one go as one huge single issue.
     But frankly we just had so much to share that by the time we turned the clock back less than 10 years the page count here had reached 60.
     Then we started thinking about all the folks who might read this on a PDA or iPad or some other portable device and we decided to extend our Gala one more once.
     So look for another issue extending the party.
     You might also write to Flossie@aircargonews.com and join the party.
     Air Cargo News Flying Typers Gala 35th Anniversary Issue will appear at www.aircargonews.com in easy reading no gatekeeper format with the same advanced technology turn-page format you can read here.
     Speaking of turn-page Air Cargo News Flying Typers was the first air cargo publication to utilize this format that will continue in 2011 as our ACN resumes publishing four times yearly.
     The way that we celebrate 35 years here. is to bring all the stories and people that have populated these pages for the past three and a half decades back again for another turn along with newly discovered friends and colleagues.
     Once, we were a local newspaper published for the cargo people in the United States.
     We were, in 1975, the only Air Cargo News monthly newspaper in the world.
     Today as Air Cargo News Flying Typers we are once again alone as the oldest and still only E-mailed thrice weekly 140 times a year complete ready to read air cargo news source.
     " I don't know how you do it—“to publish so often and so much content,” is a comment we often hear.
     Air Cargo News FlyingTypers "does it" because we have throughout our history worked to forge a bond of trust between ourselves and the readers.
     Today we are the number one news and features air cargo publication on the planet in terms of every known metric.
     When someone says I read it in FlyingTypers—believe it.
     From our readers then has come the juice that powers our desire to continue to serve air cargo.
     The good news is that given the fact that 35 years after beginning this journey into air cargo we are still around has given rise to the involvement of a next generation of Air Cargo News FlyingTypers.
     Of course nothing is for certain and anything can happen but our plan is to continue as a close to the industry family business just as we have always been.
     But let's not get ahead of ourselves.
     I plan to be around at this station for a long time to come.
     We have exciting plans ahead and lots of ideas just ahead that will be revealed as 2010 continues and 2011 unfolds, including an entirely new and original in depth presentation of the history of air cargo that also allows readers to go interactive and share the experience anywhere in the virtual world.
     So a word of thanks for the years and the memories.
     We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of and to continue covering the global air cargo story.
     Good wishes,



Gabriela Ahrens

Carine Zablit

Bettina Jansen

Karen Avestruz


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