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   Vol. 22 No. 4
Monday January 30, 2023

Back To Where She Once Belonged

Gabriela Hiitola

     Gabriela Hiitola is new Senior Vice President, Finnair Cargo, takes over for Fredrik Wildtgrube who is off to other adventures at AY starting February 1.
     Gabriela has worked for Finnair for nearly 25 years.
     The lady is back to where she once belonged, something Gabriela can blow a horn about as she began in cargo as her first job at the national airline of Finland.
     “I see great potential in the development of the industry and look forward to exploring new opportunities with our team, partners and customers", Gabriela Hiitola smiled, recalling that she has never lost touch with cargo during her career as a pioneer "woman in cargo".
     Nice to think of some good people in Northern Europe air cargo.
     Recall Kari Tikkanen came over to New York, and from then on Finnair Cargo to HEL and and everywhere else was the only way to fly.
     Good luck Gabriela!

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