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   Vol. 22 No. 44
Friday December 15, 2023

Christmas At Heathrow

     It occurs to us after so many (48) holiday seasons at Christmas, sharing the air cargo news, this time of year it might be fun to review a “what we have observed and recorded during all those years about the Holiday Season”.
     Here is one right from the heart, a video from Heathrow Airport lovely and sweet that first aired seven years ago and still works.
     We shall continue here to look through our digital files as 2023 winds down to include some “Best of 2023 “ stories that also include further holiday greetings moving forward into 2024.
     Also upcoming on tap during December 2023 is another exclusive in our long-read deep-dish format stories titled “A Winter’s Tale—What Happened to Alitalia?” to appear here on December 27.
     Meantime we wish our readers A Blessed Christmastide and our best wishes for a Happy & Prosperous 2024!
Geoffrey & Sabiha

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