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   Vol. 22 No. 42
Wednesday November 29, 2023

ATC Aviation's Own Jane Vaz

Jane Vaz
     This is one lady we have come to admire and respect. Not only did she break the glass ceiling and create history but this time around, she is making it a habit.
     Welcome, Jane Vaz!
     Jane Vaz created history when she became the first lady President of the Air Cargo Club of Bombay. Her first tenure was so fruitful that the Bombay Cargo Club members elected her President again – that’s right, the second time. A leading “Woman in Air Cargo”, Vaz is among the growing handful of women in the cargo sector that is dominated by males. Commenting on her second term as President, she said matter-of-factly: “Yes, second time as President of Air Cargo Club of Bombay makes a broader difference – and it’s beyond big business”. It is, what she refers to as a very personal “calling” and it comes to her “from a moral, social or even religious motivation, rather than the typical appeal for business”.
     The Presidency, she emphasises, is “value-driven work” and enables her to be more combative – a “siege mentality” that brings personal fulfilment because she places more importance to “cause” than profit. In her work as the head of the Cargo Club, she praises the support and love showered by the members and the Managing Committee. “Their trust to stand by me for every new project and assignment has only sharpened and chiselled my goals,” says the every-inch-a-professional lady.
     As the first woman, Vaz considers her position as President as an example for other women in the air cargo sector as well as for your male colleagues. She affirms that “as the first woman President it has opened gates for more women to sprint to success”. With her patience and endurance -- and most important, her humility and respect – she has been able to cultivate a long list of friends of both genders.
     The second Presidency will be different from the first, Vaz told FlyingTypers. She pointed out that “working with like-minded people and cultures, who share an ideology about how things should be, has given me a platform to show better performance’. She considered her elected position a rare opportunity where “you get to work for an organisation where you can walk in every day and know that you are actually trying to make a difference to the world. We have been able to touch lives of a few. Working for a charity is about working for a bigger vision, as well as individual goals and ambitions”.
     A hands-on woman, Jane Vaz is adept at juggling work pressures – she is Manager Sales - India for ATC Aviation Services India Pvt Ltd., the Air Cargo Club Presidency and home. She is candid that managing home and work can be a challenging task, especially when both require significant attention and time. But she considers herself blessed with twin daughters and a son and a very understanding and helpful life partner. “Most of all,” she says, “my family has been the Noah’s Ark core support system who loves you unconditionally in spite of all my shortcomings. The outside world might be chaotic or harsh or overwhelming, like a flood. In our family we’re safe and feel a sense of belonging, loved and cared about always.”
     Vaz points out that life has been good and as it is, “when we value each other whether at home, work or any other arena”. The mantra, she emphasises, is to focus on flexibility, foster one-on-one connections, trust and – above all, increase transparency and visibility. She says with conviction that “embracing different work modes to spark innovation and amplify recognition only motivates the team at the work place”.
Rajan Nijhawan, Azeem Naqvi, Sakshi Gupta, Jane Vaz, Ingo Zimmer, Vikramjit Singh Ahluwali

     Jane Vaz has been in the cargo business for quite some time and though she does not face any challenges because of her gender, she “still can feel women do face challenges in a male-dominated industry on societal biases on capabilities, gender discrimination… misogyny still exists”. She points out that “there are still pockets or holes in hiring bias, pay inequity, lack of promotions for leadership positions and, quite often a hostile work environment for women”. But that has not stopped her from hiring and encouraging young women to join the air cargo industry. In fact, she has been able to mentor quite a few ladies. She says, “I have to convince them that there is nothing that cannot be achieved when you are ready to go out in the world to achieve and win.” She is also quick to point out and emphasize, “It is important for women to be aware of their rights and to speak up if they experience workplace discrimination.”
     Working with ATC Aviation Services, “has been quite an experience”. It is rewarding “to work with the best international expert team and worldwide professionals under one huge banner”. The work has provided her “a platform to showcase my strengths and experience in this industry”.
     Explaining the work at ATC Aviation Services India Pvt Ltd, she says it is “the one source of Total Air Cargo Management and it has given me the right opportunity to work in a broader and wider business front. It allows me to showcase my strength and ability and being a part of this international team of experts, which has no limits. Each day is a new beginning and a chance to explore new horizons. It’s a great opportunity to learn something new, meet new people, and experience new things”.
     A veteran in the air cargo game, Vaz points out that “we have seen a remarkable transformation in air cargo today. There are sustainable aviation initiatives, adoption of drone delivery services, Integration of AI and Automation, enhanced cargo tracking and transparency, emphasis on cybersecurity and reshaping of supply chain strategies. Embracing these changes,” she says, “will only drive economic growth and ensure the industry navigates towards a greener and more efficient future”.
     Before we say goodbye, she says she has a word of advice to all young women.
     “Dream big and to pursue your goals, believe in yourself. Patience, humility, commitment and consistency will only get you closer and closer to your dreams. Never be afraid of dreaming and you are what you believe you are, so ignore the bias and keep at it. Keep learning and know your value,” she says.
Tirthankar Ghosh

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