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   Vol. 22 No. 44
Friday December 15, 2023

Saigon Never Bygone

James Nguyen, Nhu (Jolina) Nguyen, Roland Quah, Mike Oslansky, Dung (Diana) Vu, Thao (Emmy) Nguyen, Linh (Lynn) Nguyen,Chanh (Pablo) Vo

     Busy Making Merry . . . Later Merry got tired and went home, but the party went on anyway.
     Here the great Mike Oslansky in the middle as usual signals A-OK visiting the team at World Alliance GSA based in SGN proclaiming:
     “Had a great visit with the World Alliance GSA Team in SGN who lovingly represent Jan Krems and the people of United Cargo.
     What a great team!”
     Indeed in photo above from left are James Nguyen, Nhu (Jolina) Nguyen, Roland Quah, Mike Oslansky, Dung (Diana) Vu, Thao (Emmy) Nguyen, Linh (Lynn) Nguyen,Chanh (Pablo) Vo, the folks that make the going great in air cargo to and from Vietnam.
     With over 36 years of diverse air cargo experience, Mike Oslansky formed a consultancy business, MaWB Services, LLC, in 2020 specializing in air cargo and other related businesses. Prior to MAWB Services, Mike was an executive at United Airlines Cargo for over 33 years in areas such as sales, marketing, business development, technology, operations planning, customer service, and product development. Mike was involved in many transformative projects at United including the launch of a new technology platform in 2013 (UC360), the integration of United and Continental Airlines Cargo in 2012 into a single IT platform as well as the launch of unitedcargo.com in 1999.
     Mike has a true passion for air cargo and is always looking for solutions that advance the industry.
     Mike lives in Chicago, Illinois.
     Someone remarked that Mike might some day settle down to a working retirement in SE Asia.
     Makes me think about the time I spent on a 13 months all-expense paid tour with the U.S. Army in Vietnam.
     My friend the cartoonist Walt Kelly scribbled a note with a picture of his character “Pogo” on a napkin as we sat inside Bleecks next to our jobs at the old New York Herald Tribune in Manhattan after we learned the Vietnam War draft had my number. “Hope that Saigon soon will be bygone,” Walt wrote almost six decades ago.
     I wonder about my friends, especially the fellow soldiers in my life, some dead, some living, and where they are today all these years later, and also the French expatriates and Viet nationals that took us in for a taste of home during that one Christmas, when we were there many decades ago.
     It feels good that after all that uproar, loss of life and tearing part of the world that we once knew, Vietnam today is a strong trading partner and friend of USA.
     Love this picture of Mike in an Ao Dai (Ao gam) traditional Vietnamese shirt, with some smiling faces at Christmas.
Geoffrey Arend

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