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   Vol. 23 No. 16
Wednesday April 10, 2024

Brendan Sullivan Ahead On CNS

Laura Pullins, Brendan Sullivan, Alicia Lines

Jackson Five      “I like the feeling I get when I’m riding in a jet, saying I’m going places” sang The Jackson Five in an uplifting message about air travel back when Michael was just a kid.
     Just as Cargo Network Services (CNS) Partnership Conference meets in Dallas, Texas Sunday April 14-16 at the Gaylord Resort & Convention Center in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas with what promises to be another headline-making event, Brendan Sullivan, IATA Global Head of Cargo who burst upon the air cargo scene fresh as Listerine a couple of years ago, plans to be front and center at a CNS Partnership apparently in some kind of transition these days.
     Brendan brings a welcome youthful energy package to the top IATA Cargo job and our hope is that he can put the reins on and drive a successful CNS Partnership this year being held in Cowboy Country USA.
     Today in an immaculate trimmed full beard and arguably the best hair in air cargo, Brendan may look familiar to some Americans in Spring 2024 as a younger version of a Scotsman that Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju, portrays in television advertising for Scotts grass seed and lawn products, and more power to both of them.
     But to the air cargo business worldwide, especially after the recent World Cargo Symposium broke all records for attendance and participation, Brendan Sullivan oversees the greening of an IATA cargo program from all indications, that is coming up roses.
     CNS Partnership starts off with a big golf outing on Sunday followed by a Golf Luncheon.
     Usually, the Golf is the place to be, especially the luncheon sponsored this year by Delta Cargo, just prior to the more crowded Opening Reception Sunday evening, followed by the non-stop customer meetings that the airlines usually conduct dawn to dusk thereafter, all during the three-day conference.
     We keep hearing that the future of CNS is in some question, that maybe it will be taken over by another organization in air cargo or something else might happen.
In any event, Laura Pullins, who was named CNS President in 2022 as the first Woman to hold that position, has departed the scene with Board member Alicia Lines named CNS President (ad Interim), so all eyes will be on Brendan & Brandon (Fried) and other members of the CNS Board as we all wonder what’s next for the CNS Partnership?
     With a full program, including most of the major issues of today playing to an expected audience of 700, against the backdrop of mighty Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, going places in air cargo this week is to Texas, as air cargo’s great experiment to enhance “The Partnership” between the forwarders and airlines moves inexorably toward the future.

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