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   Vol. 23 No. 13
Tuesday March 19, 2024

I Got The Horse Right Here

Yokoyama Takeshi, Kenneth Poon, Ari Ketola, Bob Rogers, Hans Van Rooijen, Frank Steiner, Urs Wiesendanger, Manoj Menon, Frank Hung, Roy Cheng

     So, what do you do whilst in Hong Kong to top the greatest, most well attended meeting in IATA Cargo history?
     I mean did World Cargo Symposuim 2024 blow the doors off Hong Kong Expo Center or what?
     “I Got The Horse Right Here,” says Bob Rogers, ULD CARE, handicapping the action and keeping the good feelings going at Hong Kong’s iconic Happy Valley Racecourse, that first opened in 1845.
     With Dubai slated to host IATA WCS in 2025 and just before the ULD community had two days of industry meetings starting with the SAE AGE-2A which debated many of the very necessary technical standards under which the design of ULD is governed, including the all-important fire containment standards, and followed by the IATA ULD Board Meeting which debated a variety of issues relating to standards and procedures.
     This night it was “Happy Wednesday” at the flats!
     Great views of the Hong Kong skyline and the causeway too!
     Here along for the fun is a “Can Do” sampling of logistics folks out for some local color and history.
      “A great experience was had by all,” hosts Bob and Urs smiled.
     Looking at this group makes everyone feel like winners!
     A little music celebrates the good feelings all around:
     Fugue For Tinhorns is from the play and movie, Guys & Dolls, here featuring Dean Martin, Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra.

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