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   Vol. 23 No. 22
Monday May 6, 2024

LAACA Proud Bird Moves Its Tail

Yasmene Abdel, Andrea Lanouette, John Wu, Keysha Dampeer, Sherri Dunlap, Ernie Schimmer, John Boyd and John Sina

     Los Angeles Air Cargo Association (LAACA) Air Cargo Day at the Proud Bird Grand Ballroom just off the main runways takes off next Thursday May 9.
     Doors open at 1100.
     The air cargo event of the year at LAX goes until 15:00 and is free!
     There is an atmosphere driven by a truly open and relaxed event for networking, featuring booth giveaways, raffles and prizes.
     We love that The Proud Bird venue was inspired in 1967 by Continental Airlines marketing slogan, “The Proud Bird with the Golden Tail.”
     Make no mistake plane-spotting is the great spectator sport at The Proud Bird!
     The sight thrill since David Tallichet opened this place, is watching aircraft swoop onto LAX runway making you feel like you a are part of the action, close enough to these massive machines to vicariously be part of the arrival.
     There are displays and aircraft at The Proud Bird including an F4U Corsair carrier- based fighter aircraft from WWII.
     What seems to be missing is Flying Tigers Line that took off with surplus DC3s and C48s during WWII in 1945 at LAX, with Bob Prescott at the helm and some others who gained fame as Flying Tigers “China India Burma Hump” cargo transport pilots.
     Post war Flying Tiger Line built and dominated LAX air cargo eventually from their location on World Way West until carrier was acquired in 1989 by FedEx.
LAACA was founded in 1965 by John Boyd who worked for American Airlines Cargo and John Sina (Lufthansa) and Regis Kramer, (International Customs Service).
     Circa 1960s the LAACA election for President was held in a back room behind the bar in the old Hyatt Hotel on the corner of Aviation Blvd and Century Blvd (not there any longer).
     John Boyd, it is said, set the standard for being the President at LAACA.
     As LAACA approaches 60 years of service in 2025, here too is a special shoutout and deep thanks for today to Michael Yu (Alaska Air) LAACA Chairman of the Board, Keysha Dampeer, (Airspace) LAACA President, Andrea Lanouette (Avalon Risk Management,) LAACA 1st Vice President, Board Member since 2013, Sherri Dunlap (FIND Food Bank) LAACA Treasurer since 2009, Board Member since 2005, and Yasmine Abdel (Tax Airfreight) Board Member since 2016.
     For me, at LAX Cargo nothing is forgotten.
     The last original airport building, the 1929 Hangar 1 in the cargo area operated by DHL looks in 2024 like a scene out of “Casablanca”.
     All of it at LAX as Anne Morrow Lindbergh sat in the back seat of her husband’s airplane and then wrote:  "Listen! The Wind."

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