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   Vol. 23 No. 23
Thursday May 9, 2024

ICAO Cargo Action Peru

Luiz Gustavo Cavallari, Amar More, Eric Hartmann, Marianna Perez and Cortney Robinson

     Somebody once said “a rising tide lifts all boats.”
     We are living in a era of vast change, in fact if you hear one phrase more than any other these days it’s “nothing is the same”.
     So now it’s all about getting smarter post pandemic in what adds up to a whole new world of possibilities.
     Just in case you missed it here is an important session by The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to advance air cargo that took place Monday May 6th with some great people in Lima, Peru.
     This kind of gathering gets little to no coverage but ICAO is out there advancing the conversation along with some well-known thought leaders, including Amar More who discussed the importance to move freight faster with the innovative Airport Community Systems (ACS) program.
     “Thank you, ICAO,” said Eric Hartmann Regional Representative in Latin America for The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA).
     “Special thanks goes to Mr. Fabio Rabbani, (left) ICAO’s South America Regional Director for the initiative to include air cargo during these meetings in Lima.
     “ICAO with a specific workshop focused on steps to move forward with liberalization and digitalization, highlights the importance of regional regulators’ participation.
     “Our wide-ranging conversations importantly addressed cargo security and the sharing of experiences throughout the region.
     “ICAO is a welcome venue that moved the marble toward better understanding through face-to-face contact,” Eric Hartmann declared.”
     The ICAO initiative underscores the need to have continued contact for air cargo free of commercial pressures.
     Apropos of this, coming in June is a brilliant initiative from fellow panelist Amar More, founder and President of Kale Logistics Solutions.
     CLEAR VIEW Americas is scheduled to take place on June 19-21, 2024, in Cancun, Mexico at the Hilton Hotel.
     “CLEAR VIEW stands as a global beacon for the air cargo industry, gathering 20 plus esteemed leaders and CXOs to engage in meaningful discussions on the most pressing matters facing our industry,” Amar declared.
     “Previous editions in UAE, Greece, Thailand, and South Africa have witnessed the convergence of influential figures from IATA, TIACA, global regulators, leading airports, airlines, and airport operators,” the young executive stated emphatically.
     “This year, in Mexico, we eagerly anticipate the invaluable contributions of industry voices in shaping the future of our industry,” Amar More concluded.
     We like Amar More and his Kale Logistics Solutions. This company from India burst upon the scene a couple years back and dramatically changed the air cargo business at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. Kale Logistics Solutions partnered with ATL to develop North America's first Airport Cargo Community System.
     The platform ensures transparency and reduction in dwell time, logistics cost and efforts.
     But More is not satisfied to sit on his duff, awaiting the next success.
     He’s got a message of collaboration and hope and is out there all over the western hemisphere and elsewhere searching and finding answers to the most basic and continually unanswered question of our industry: ”Where’s my cargo?”
     “Success in 2024 is all about cooperative solutions. To find answers and advance, we need a strong agenda when we meet,” says the founder of Kale.
     The idea to intellectualize the air cargo business with a mutually beneficial discussion for a couple days in June at Mexico City next month offers hope for all of us.
     Importantly by contrast, this gathering comes after seasons when hope at other commercial industry events seems a bit tired and goes to bed upstairs early at the hotel.
     Check out CLEAR VIEW, an invite only event June 19th-21st.

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