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   Vol. 16 No. 10
Tuesday January 31, 2017

Torno Moves On Butler Moves Up

Doug Parker     Senior Vice President of International and Cargo at American Airlines Art Torno steps down after a stellar 38-year career at the carrier, drawing praise from AA CEO Doug Parker.
      “During Art’s long career with American, he has helped establish the airline as a leading international carrier. His leadership and vision have been instrumental in supporting our people and strengthening our presence around the world,” Doug Parker said.       

Torno Watch Lifted Everyone

      “American Airlines is a better place because of Art Torno, and all of us who have worked with him are better people. We wish him the best in his well-deserved retirement,” Mr. Parker concluded.


The Butler Did It

Kerry H. Philipovitch      Stepping into the spotlight is Jim Butler, who was immediately named Senior Vice President of International and Cargo.
      Jim Butler is a 21-year veteran of the company, but his most recent claim to fame—according to his new boss, Kerry Hester Philipovitch, (right) Senior Vice President, Customer Experience—is that he “has helped strengthen Cargo’s contribution to the airline and successfully led Cargo’s integration process, becoming the first operation at American to fully merge.
      “As the leader of American Airlines Cargo, Jim understands the importance and the value of our unrivaled international network and the passion and enthusiasm of American’s people around the globe,” Mrs. Philipovitch said.

Art Of Jim

      “Jim’s experience, leadership, and commitment make him the ideal leader to build on Art’s legacy of supporting our fantastic global team and delivering the best experience to our international customers, while continuing his efforts to further the growth of our Cargo business,” Kerry Philipovitch said.
      It’s a ringing endorsement, as a smart, good guy moves up in the airline business just as a class act exits stage left to what is hoped by many to be a gracious life.
      It’s the way it ought to be.

Chuckles for January 31, 2017

Wins Again HKIA Busts Loose

     Leading handlers at the world’s largest international freight hub expect the good times to continue rolling in 2017.
      Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) set a swathe of new records in 2016. Passenger and flight movements reached all-time highs while air cargo throughput rose 3.2 percent year-on-year to 4.52 million tons to maintain the hub’s position as the world’s leading freight airport.

On The Lam

Fred Lam      Fred Lam, (right) Chief Executive Officer of Airport Authority Hong Kong, welcomed HKIA’s final year figures, lauding its achievement of handling over 16,700 tons of cargo in one day—another record.
      “In addition, we welcomed five new airlines during the year, namely Austrian Airlines, Bismillah Airlines, Malindo Air, T’way Air, and VietJet Air,” he said.
      “We also expanded our air network, adding eight new destinations including Madrid, Saipan, London Gatwick, Nha Trang, Chiang Rai, Ishigaki, Takamatsu, and Yonago.”

Hike The Spike

      Freight volume throughput spiked in December when it rose 11.3 percent compared to a year earlier, driven by transshipments and exports, which registered 15 percent and 12 percent year-on-year growth, respectively.
      Amongst the key trading regions, traffic to/from Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe increased most significantly in the month.

Mark WhiteheadThey Can Handle It

      HKIA’s two leading handlers—HACTL and CPSL—also reported that volumes had improved through the year before spiking in Q4.
      “2016 began slowly, but traffic levels improved in the second half of the year, ending 1.7 percent ahead of 2015.
      “Our best performance was on transshipments, which grew 29.6 percent over 2015,” Mark Whitehead, Chief Executive of HACTL, told FlyingTypers.
      “Mail, courier and other express traffic meanwhile were up by 8.4 percent, and exports showed 2.1 percent growth. Imports declined, down 8.3 percent on 2015, but a negative trend throughout the period January-September was reversed in the last quarter, with growth achieved in every month.
      “HACTL set a new weekly cargo handling record through SuperTerminal 1, processing 41,926 tons in the week of November 28-December 4.
      “This was the second time we broke our previous record in the space of two weeks.
      “At the same time, our ramp handling business continued strong growth, setting three new all-time records: 101 freighters in a single day (Nov 23); 628 freighters in a single week (November 28-December 4) and 2,579 freighters in a month (November).”

Laying Low

Kelvin Ko      Kelvin Ko, (left) Chief Executive Officer, Cathay Pacific Services Limited, said CPSL had handled some 1.8 million tons in 2016, up 100,000 tons compared to a year earlier. “With the addition of new customers and organic growth observed, we saw around eight percent growth in tonnage compared to a year ago,” he told FlyingTypers.
      “In 2016, CPSL extended its customer portfolio to a total of 15 customer airlines with the addition of All Nippon Airways, Austrian Airlines AG, China Eastern Airlines, China Cargo Airlines, Lufthansa Cargo AG, Shanghai Airlines, and Raya Airways.
      “We will continue to make further investments in facilities, products, and services, offering our customers enhanced visibility, reliability, and efficiency.
      “We will also keep abreast of latest technology trends to strive for customer-centric service and operations excellence.”

Recent Signs

      HACTL recently signed Bismillah (Bangladeshi 747 freighter operator), a new 747F service for Sto Express (operated by SW Italia) and Vietjet (a daily low-cost narrowbody operation).
Bulk System      Whitehead said the handler was also getting ready to launch a new Charter Department to smooth operations via HKIA.
      This would bring together all the service elements necessary for charterers to identify and book suitable capacity, with priority given to HACTL’s regular freighter customers.
      “We want to attract more freighter charters to Hong Kong, as well as to HACTL,” he said. “Our value-added logistics arm, Hacis, will continue to expand its RFS system and depot network to enhance its coverage of the Pearl River Delta region, and capitalize on growing e-commerce imports traffic.”

No Guarantees

      Asked if HACTL could boost volumes again in 2017, he was optimistic.
      “Nothing is guaranteed in air cargo,” he explained. “A good year can be marred by a single incident, such as the ash clouds in Europe, and a weak year can turn good with the unexpected pre-Christmas collapse of an ocean carrier.
      “That said, HACTL continues to do all it can to support its carrier customers in their quest for new traffic. We invest in improving our systems to reduce dwell times and enhance service quality. We invest in resources, training, and accreditation for special commodities such as pharma, perishables, and express. And our sales drive continues to succeed in winning almost every new carrier to serve Hong Kong. Within those factors that we can control, we remain confident that HACTL will continue to compete and win in a challenging and highly competitive market.”

Back To The Future

      Future growth of freight at HKIA will also be determined by building new capacity. “To meet the medium and long-term growth demands of today’s aviation landscape, we are pushing forward a number of developments at HKIA, including the expansion of Terminal 1 and the Three-runway System,” added Lam.
      “We are also launching the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy this year, providing various courses to nurture talent for the industry. We will continue to work closely with our business partners to maintain smooth operations and a world-class travel experience for our passengers.”

Sky King

Performance Not Promises

EMO Trans Leads 2017

Marco Rohrer and Jo Frigger     The fast-growing and innovative global logistics provider EMO Trans just debuted a new interactive website.
      While EMO Chairman Jo Frigger is cautious and closely watches the developing business worldwide, he takes a long look forward into the year ahead and comes up optimistic.
      “We continue to expand in our existing locations throughout Asia, Europe, and North and South America,” Mr. Frigger said.
      “Special emphasis is being given to strong business development with additional investments in our global sales teams.
      “We also have a focus on the growing e-commerce segment of our industry; this will create additional opportunities to increase business. 
Tom Bayes      “As Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rooster begins, EMO President Marco Rohrer and Director of Route Development/Chief Rep. of China Tom Bayes have just returned from the Mainland reporting continued dynamic progress in our growth plan there.
      “Our entire global network pledge their continued support for ongoing success and even greater expansion and connectivity across the region.
      “Looking ahead in 2017 there are exciting prospects for interaction with Asia for all of our worldwide locations,” Jo Frigger declared.
      This year’s big EMO Trans Annual Global Meeting is set for March at Amelia Island near Jacksonville, Florida.
      Today EMO Trans operates out of 250 offices in 120 countries. It has grown both organically and exponentially during the past decade, having steadily implemented a growing menu of customized global logistics solutions for over 50 years.
      “We are proud to deliver the personalized service of a privately held company with the robust infrastructure of a multi-national leader,” Jo Frigger concluded.

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Goodbye Obama Hello Trump

Anthony's Video   Our very own Anthony Atamanuik is performing his singular Trump impersonation on February 4 at Kallang Theater in Singapore. The show, called “Goodbye, Obama, Hello, Trump” lampoons both presidential figures and features two of the best impersonators in the field—Anthony Atamanuik (Donald Trump) and Reggie Brown (Barack Obama).
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Aeromexico Takes On Trump

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