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   Vol. 16 No. 66
Friday August 18, 2017

Two Organization One Mission

     “On September 6, TIACA will be in Washington, D.C. to participate in the U.S. Air Cargo Industry Affairs Summit (USACIA) for the second time,” TIACA Secretary General Vladimir Zubkov told FT.      “Our attendance last year proved to be interesting and useful.
     “This year again the important agenda, renowned speakers and audience from different sectors of the air cargo industry – all points at good networking and sharing of knowledge.

Two Organizations One Mission

     “But it’s not only the USACIA Summit that makes collaboration with the CNS important and rewarding for TIACA,” Vladimir said.
     “The mission of our two associations are remarkably similar.
     “The CNS mission is to represent, lead and serve the U.S. air cargo industry.
     “TIACA has the same business objective, but it’s spread globally.

Shared Experience Counts

     “Obviously,” Mr. Zubkov said, “CNS has deeper local U.S. experience with a much wider network and better knowledge of the U.S. market-specific issues.
     “At the same time TIACA has its “bird’s eye view” on the international air cargo industry.

Differences To Common Themes

     “This similarity and this difference lead me to conclude that there is a lot of common sense in enhancing collaboration–the open discourse, the examining of a variety of shared problems, and suggestions for possible solutions.
     “Both associations have relatively new executives who still are able to see issues with “fresh eyes” and both can benefit from the frank dialogue.

TIACA October Fest

     “The next opportunity to get together will be provided by the ES/AGM of TIACA in Miami in October. Several CNS officials will be there, including representation from the CNS Board of Directors.
     “It might be fitting to review the state of affairs, after the discussions and the outcome of the current USACIA.”

Sign Up Here: https://www.cnsc.net/events/Pages/usacia.aspx

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Ralf Auslaender

  leisure Cargo said this week that is “not negatively impacted,” even though parent Air Berlin filed for bankruptcy this past Tuesday.
  “All flights operated by Air Berlin and NIKI will continue as planned and our flight and cargo schedules remain valid,” leisure Cargo said.
  Looking ahead, Air Berlin could be broken up leaving the fate of leisure Cargo hanging in the balance.
  Today the company serves 14 carriers with 400 flights a week.
  Ralf Auslaender (pictured above), a visionary, founded leisure Cargo. While working as cargo director at LTU Airlines, he advanced the completely original idea of buying up the bellies of several tourist-based airlines in Europe for air cargo.
  Later unable to raise enough money to buy his baby outright from Air Berlin, Ralf, one of the nicest people we have met, gently retired.

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Air Canada Magic India

Duncan Bureau      Air Canada’s Toronto-Mumbai non-stop service started in the beginning of July after a gap of nearly 25-odd years.
      The four-times-weekly flight is aimed to promote Canada among Indian fliers.
      As Air Canada Vice President-Global Sales Duncan Bureau put it, “Our new flights show our commitment to the Indian market and these routes will operate year-round with Air Canada’s state-of-the-art Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.”


SubContinent Foothold

      Air Canada has been trying to get a firm foothold in the Indian market since the 1980s.
      Now with the introduction of the fuel efficient B787s, the carrier has chalked out plans to enhance services to India. Air Canada had operated one-stop fifth freedom flights via London Heathrow and Zurich and first launched the non-stop Toronto-Delhi flight in November 2015. In April 2016, the carrier launched the seasonal service (October to May) between Vancouver and Delhi and now the Toronto-Mumbai flight.

Margaret Skinner

Partnerships & Positive Words

      The flights have received a positive response.
      Said EMEAI Director Sales Margaret Skinner at the ceremony to welcome the Mumbai flight:
      “Going by the positive response we have had from the direct flights from Delhi to both Toronto and Vancouver, we are expecting a similar pattern in Mumbai. Mumbai is a financial hub, and with Canadian companies’ recent interest in investing in India, as well as Indian companies setting up partnerships and companies in Canada, we see this as a great opportunity.”


Patel Words From Above

      According to Nadir Patel, Canada's High Commissioner to India, the new service to Mumbai was significant and signaled confidence in the Indian market.
      “We have had 30 percent increase in India-Canada trade and Canadian investment in India has grown by $15 billion.
      “The new service to Mumbai gives further opportunity to grow business and cargo traffic,” he said.
      Canada-India Business Council President & CEO Kasi Rao was equally forthcoming when he pointed out that “the promise of the Canada-India economic relationship is materially advanced with this non-stop flight connecting two global cities—Toronto and Mumbai.
      “We will play our part in promoting this terrific linkage,” he said.


Times Six To The World

      The new Mumbai stop is a part of six new destinations Air Canada has added to its international bellyhold network. These include services from Toronto to Mumbai and Berlin; Montreal to Algiers and Marseille; and Vancouver to Taipei and Nagoya.


Tim StraussDo You Believe in Magic?

      Cargo for Air Canada’s recently named Vice President Tim Strauss refers to the market as “magical.”
      Strauss said there were hi-tech products, perishables, clothing goods, and more.
      “Air Canada is excited and wants to enter and expand the market.
      “A lot of the Indian population just doesn’t go one way—it’s a round trip.
      “Both families and business people go back and forth.
      “India is a critical market for cargo as well,” he said.
      “We will be in India for a long time,” Mr. Strauss assures.

Tirthankar Ghosh

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