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   Vol. 23 No. 17

Sunday April 14, 2024


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Brendan Sullivan

     Brendan Sullivan, IATA Head of Cargo wants every participant at CNS Partnership Conference opening in Dallas today April 14 to leverage some of the unique opportunities for take away from the three-day gathering.
     “The CNS Partnership Conference for me,” Brendan said “is really all about that, partnership.
     “It provides great opportunities to connect and develop new and existing business.
     “At the same time, there are great speakers and sessions throughout, that people can walk away learning something from, or energized about the future.
Laura Pullins, Alicia Lines     “Regrettably, Laura Pullins, CNS President, and Head of Cargo for IATA in the Americas stepped down from her post at the end of March for personal reasons.
     “We thank Laura for her leadership, contribution, and development of CNS.
     “Until a successor has been appointed, Alicia Lines, IATA’s Regional Director Financial & Distribution Services for the Americas will assume responsibilities of the CNS President.
     “Alicia has been an active member of the CNS Board for over five years, and responsible for IATA’s Settlement Systems growth in the Americas, and as such is uniquely qualified to continue the CNS vision and mission of delivering a safe, secure, and sustainable U.S. air cargo industry that drives economic growth, connects, and enriches the world, by representing, leading, and serving the U.S. air cargo industry.
     “For the record, CNS is a key part of the overall Cargo agenda.
     “There are many great elements of how CNS was created and is structured, that are worth exploring in other markets.
     “IATA is fully supportive of the CNS mission and continuing the long history of great partnership in the U.S. marketplace.”
     We asked Brendan:
     “You took over as Head of Cargo just under three years ago after many years at IATA.
     What surprised you about air cargo?
     “I think I am constantly surprised by air cargo and that is after having been in air cargo for over 20 years now. There is always something new to learn, the industry is constantly evolving and there is room for improvement.”
     Asked of the best and most challenging thing that has happened during the past nearly three years Brendan declared:
     “Seeing how air cargo excelled during the pandemic and then continued to respond to constant change, humanitarian crises, geopolitical or economic factors was certainly among the best things all of us who love this business have seen.
     “It was absolute proof of the ability in the industry to make rapid change and to continue to provide vital services across the globe.”

IATA World Cargo Symposium

     “Look we have attended or hosted several of the important industry events and what stands out as vital in air cargo in terms of need for the future right now isn’t a new answer, but bears repeating, that harnessing digitalization, moving towards efficient data exchange is a key element in all the other priorities the industry has set.
     “For so many different reasons the efficiency that data exchange can bring to the industry is evident, so we can rally around implementation of a common and unified approach.
     That said, Brendan spells it out:
     “Each part of the industry has work to do.
          •   Governments must consistently implement global standards.
          •   Supply chain partners need to collaborate to overcome shared challenges.
          •   The entire industry must align to ensure a unified and effective approach to digitalization.
     “Air cargo needs to adopt by scaling up the use of the IATA ONE Record standard, a true step-change for the industry in the way it connects and exchanges data.
     “IATA has introduced the Digitalization Charter to help the value chain give enhanced focus to this all-important area.
     “By adhering to the Charter's principles—such as adopting industry-wide standards, championing sustainability, guaranteeing ethical technology use, and upholding digital leadership—the charter benchmarks excellence, security, and sustainability within the digital domain.”
     Brendan Sullivan is a combination of vigor and great expectations.
     But work alone is not a life well-lived as he confides:
     “I like to spend time outdoors, running , biking or skiing with my family. That is what both energizes and relaxes me.
     “If I had to pick a favorite city, it could be Montreal, my hometown, for the bagels, smoked meat and maybe a poutine or two thrown in for good measure,” Brendan said.
     Poutine in your routine is the very Canadian enjoyment of a big dish of thick cut french fries covered with cream curd and brown gravy.
     Montreal, it turns out, celebrates LeGrande Poutinefest all year long at a different location each month.
     Texas Poutine, as long as we are in town with Dallas on the menu this week, includes fries, cheese curds, homemade poutine sauce, spiral fries, crispy bacon, cheese sauce, garlic-herb sauce, green onions and jalapeños.
     For a guy that sees the golden arches these days in airport lobbies and railroad terminals, his thoughts including his passions for life are enlightening, and even touching.
     Makes me think of fave Canadians, including the late Gordon Lightfoot and Buffalo Airways Mikey McBryan.
     We wonder what Brendan says to the prospective next generation individual as to why they should consider developing an air cargo career?
     “We have nearly every type of career available in air cargo with the ability to develop or use all manner of different skills. It is an industry which matters that supports jobs all over the world,” Brendan said emphatically.
     “I’ve been in cargo nearly all my working life.
     “As far as aviation is concerned, I started in baggage, moved to ramp and then cargo within the first couple of years.
     “That said, each role I have had, each opportunity I have to travel and speak with people convinces me, or keeps me convinced, that this is an industry that truly matters and is absolutely critical to the global economy.”

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