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   Vol. 19 No. 25
Tuesday March 24, 2020
EMO Trans Open For Business Worldwide

EMO Trans Open For Business

     As the COVID-19 pandemic story continues to unfold, EMO Trans said that the global company is stepping up to find solutions and keeping business moving for the stability of the global economy.
     “EMO Trans is fully operational, and we are all in this together,” declared Joachim ‘Jo’ Frigger, EMO Trans Chairman.
     “We have implemented a 50/50 remote work schedule in which 50% of staff is in the office and 50% are working remotely and alternating days for social distancing. “However, every employee is working each day and available by phone or email.
     “We are conducting frequent internal communications with all global staff to keep everyone abreast of the situation and safety measures.”

Private Company Public Trust

     “EMO Trans is proud to be a financially stable company,” Jo Frigger said.
     “We do not have bank loans and our cash flow is not dependent on the stock market,” Jo points up.
     “We are working hard to keep customers’ supply chains protected and flowing, by searching for solutions to move their freight.
     “Thankfully, all of our offices are reporting that their staff are healthy, safe, and fully operational,” Jo Frigger declared.

Shelter In Place Issues

     “Every day, and sometimes by the hour, we have to make decisions to adapt to the ever-changing business climate.
     “At this time, we are aware of ‘shelter in place’ orders for non-essential business in several states and municipalities and anticipate others to follow as we try to contain COVID-19.”

EMO Trans An Essential Business

     “The Government has established that transportation is considered an essential business to keep the nation supplied with the necessities of life.
     “Be assured that EMO Trans put into place our business continuity plan to abide by these guidelines ahead of the new restrictions and are prepared to continue handling your shipment activity.”

The Pledge

     “We continue to keep our service partners and potential new customers informed and updated as we receive new information @ https://www.emotrans-global.com/,” Jo Frigger assures.

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