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   Vol. 19 No. 23
Tuesday March 17, 2020

  In Texas and other parts of the American West when two men dueled, the loser was said to have “bitten the dust”.
  Well, sadly after a brave struggle CNS Partnership 2020 scheduled for April 26 in Dallas Ft. Worth is cancelled.
  Despite the best effort of CNS President Gentleman Mike White who continues to weigh the possibility of reviving the conference for later in 2020, CNS Partnership for next month, like so many other business gatherings around our COVID-19 world has bit the dust for another day.
  CNS noted that 2020 would have been be the 30th year of CNS Partnership.
  “During this year of dramatic change and downward pressure brought on by the worldwide pandemic we remain vigilant for the safety and well-being of our partners.

Looking Ahead

  “The dates and location of the next CNS Partnership will be announced in the upcoming weeks,” Gentleman Mike said.
  “All registered delegates are invited to roll over their registration to the next edition at no additional cost – for all questions related to your registration, sponsorship or exhibition package, please refer to our FAQ.
  “Our thoughts go to the whole cargo community in these challenging times. We are looking forward to reconnecting with you and discuss how our industry can best recover from this.” Gentleman Mike declared.

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