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   Vol. 19 No. 26
Friday March 27, 2020
Air Cargo Delivers The World
Achim Martinka On the Corona Virus

     “Really strange times,” says Achim Martinka, Lufthansa Cargo Vice President Germany.
     “My two cents, and sense of the situation shared to our customers, partners and everyone in the air cargo industry:
     “We all play a crucial role to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.
     “Being in logistics right now, means keeping the food- and medical-supply chain alive around the globe.
     “It means getting protection-suits, respiratory equipment and medicine to the hospitals; and also the provisions of life including fruits, vegetables or milk powder to the food-stores.”

Everyday Goes Back Burner

     “The drive for more business and competition aspect moves to the background, whereas the humanitarian aspect gets priority.
     “Our industry has long been in the shadow of other shinier offerings

Can Be A Shining Moment

     “But now at this moment in time and at this place in history, air cargo is the vital force in this world for beating a common enemy.
     “Nothing is inevitable or will stop logistics delivering the goods by truck, ship or aircraft.
     “All of us should never forget that right now, every day, we are all part of a great and needed effort to better lives by delivering the world.”

     Uplifting words from an all around good-guy and all-air cargo pro, Achim who spent a couple of tours in the Americas and now heads up the important and today critical Germany effort for Lufthansa Cargo.
     Lufthansa Cargo, we discover as you read this still has its entire cargo-fleet in the air and they are pretty happy about that! Right now consignments include medical emergency equipment, masks, gloves and other supplies moving between points in the worldwide system aboard its all-cargo fleet.
     We learned that Lufthansa Cargo is also conducting charters for the German Government and others, so it can be said, Lufthansa Charters are still a factor.
      If you have any words you’d like to share, any of your own playlists you’d like us to help distribute, or other content that has helped you navigate this difficult time, please share them with us. Air Cargo News FlyingTypers hopes to be like an online hearth for our cargo family. #AirCargoCoronaContent

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