Vol. 10  No. 37                    THE GLOBAL AIR CARGO PUBLICATION OF RECORD SINCE 2001                  Wednesday April 20, 2011

SAO Intermodal Lifts April Agenda

World Exclusive

     When talking Brazil with Dave Brooks, President, American Airlines Cargo, he puts it like this:
     “Brazil gets the prize for the most attractive, sustained two-way air cargo market in the world.
     “Intermodal 2011 this month in Sao Paulo is where it's at and was the place to be.
     “All the important customers are there, and over the span of 2 or 3 days you can close millions in business without having to deal with the traffic and other hassles of getting around town,” Mr. Brooks declared.

The Lufthansa Family—(left to right): Daniel Bleckmann, Leonardo Porto, Marcia Feche, Reto Hunziker, Leslie Valenti, Cleverton Vighy, Christiane Müller-Rostin, Mauricio Pereira, Silvia Helmer and Eduardo Faria.

     Enthusiastic crowds, big deals either closed or on the table, and great networking meetings and seminars were the hallmarks of Intermodal 2011 held April 5-7 in Sao Paulo, Brazil as more than 45,000 professionals gathered for the 17th Intermodal South America and three days of logistics, cargo shipping and international trade.
     This year no doubt the event booked itself into becoming one of the top meetings for transportation in the world.
     “SAO was just great,” said Heide Enfield, (left) Head of Marketing and PR at Lufthansa Charter.
     “Here were represented the emerging markets of Middle and South America; it was the absolute place to be for Lufthansa Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo Charter to present our menu of products and services,” Heide added.
     Daniel Bleckmann, Regional Director South America, the Caribbean and Florida for Lufthansa Cargo, and Reto R. Hunziker, Managing Director of Lufthansa Cargo Charter, told ACN/FT that they both were impressed by “the quality of the exhibition and its visitors.”
     “The exhibition was extremely busy with many regional customers from South America, plus a growing number of visitors out of North America and Europe also were in evidence,” said Reto.
     “The market is gaining importance and its growth potential is being recognized,” Mr. Bleckmann added.
     “After the first joint appearance in 2010, Lufthansa Cargo and its subsidiary Lufthansa Cargo Charter can now say that this Intermodal 2011 show was a solid success,” Ms. Enfield said.
     “We will be back together in 2012,” Mr. Bleckmann and Mr. Hunziker assured.
     Ram Menen, Divisional Senior Vice President of Emirates SkyCargo reports that Intermodal South America 2011 was “an all around winner”.
     Worth noting is that SkyCargo has attended several of these events in the past, even when others were not in evidence.
     Indication is that in 2011 the Dubai-based carrier will continue to press development of its air cargo business in Latin America.
     “Since Emirates SkyCargo inaugurated its freighter service Dubai to Viracopos-Campinas (Sao Paulo) in November last year, the route has increased capacity for cargo transport between Brazil and the United Arab Emirates by 500 tons per week.
     “With all flights on Mondays and Thursdays, aboard a Boeing 747-400F, this newly launched service have been key to boosting trade between Brazil and the Middle East and also to Asia and Europe, since it creates a direct, fast and secure export channel.
     “Intermodal SAO was an excellent opportunity for "face time" with our South American customers and partners as people travel from all over the continent to attend.
     “Moreover we are very serious about South America.
     “It is one area where we see a lot of potential growth."

New GSA Accord—Left to right: Robert Siegel, Regional Manager Cargo Commercial Operations Europe & the Americas, SkyCargo; Marcos Oliveira, CEO, Scand Air Cargo; Ram Menen, Divisional Senior Vice President SkyCargo; Dener Souza, South America Cargo Manager SkyCargo; Marcelo Pereyra, Managing Director Scand-Repremar Air Cargo Services, SkyCargo's new GSA based in Montevideo, Uruguay; Prakash Nair, Manager Network Cargo Sales Development SkyCargo and Dener Souza, South America Cargo Manager SkyCargo.

     We note that according to the Arab/Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, exports to Arab countries totaled USD$ 12.57 billion in 2010, representing a growth of 34% over the previous year. Imports from Arab countries ended the year with USD$ 6.96 billion, a jump upward of 33% compared to 2009. Among the main destinations for Brazilian products are precisely the UAE (USD$1.85 billion, up 4.7%).
     “That’s right and the momentum in trade between Brazil and Arab countries should continue in 2011.
     “So far this year during January and February exports reached USD$2.02 billion - an increase of 46.97% over the same period in 2010.
     “To that end at Intermodal 2011 Emirates announced new services to Rio and Buenos Aires beginning January 2012.
     “The belly hold capacity on the 777-300ER we will deploy on the route will support key imports and exports including automobile parts, accessories, manufactured goods, fruit and vegetables, machinery and pharmaceutical products from Rio.
     “For Buenos Aires, we see key imports and exports including perishables, textiles as well as pharmaceuticals.
     “Also at Intermodal SAO we formalized our agreement with Scand-Repremar Air Cargo Services, our GSSA in Uruguay,” Ram Menen said.
     In a related, ‘one hand washes the other move,’ Panalpina, which has both pioneered a service and also proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the inventive and intuitive can also work in air cargo, has connected its North American hub in Huntsville, Alabama to Sao Paulo, Brazil and recently received the Global Trade Award for 2011 from the North Alabama International Trade Association.
     Panalpina pioneered all-cargo air freight service between Luxembourg and Huntsville in September 1990 as the first freight-forwarding company to offer scheduled cargo service between Europe and North America.
     Panalpina—in cooperation with Atlas Air—has expanded its “Dixie Jet” service from Hong Kong to Huntsville and an express service to Brazil, with an airport-to-airport time of 30 hours from Hong Kong via Huntsville to Sao Paulo.
     "This transportation leg is offered due to the big demand for fast and reliable connections from Asia to Brazil," said Markus Muecke, (right) Panalpina Head of Air Freight Procurement at Intermodal 2011.
      We spoke collectively to Michael Hatfield (UA), Jim Bellinder and Maddy Munoz (CO) who were in SAO for Intermodal South America to network with conferees while raising the excitement , anticipation and promise of the “New United Cargo.”
      Talk about good looking: these folks see a more positive future every day.
      The consensus opinion was that “the Brazilian market is very important to the New United Cargo, so it was important to meet with all subsidiary CO and subsidiary UA customers in one place at one time.
      “We were able to discuss our integration progress with both existing customers and many potential new customers.
      “We feel that the Latin America air freight market is growing as fast or faster than any other region in the world, and IATA statistics support this.
      “We're very bullish on Latin America's future growth potential as well.
      “Intermodal South America has always been a high-quality event, but this year the quality of the event and the exhibitions exceeded other years.
      “We were very pleased with the number of decision-makers who attended, and how eager they were to learn about new solutions to their logistics needs.
      “It was also, for us, a learning process.
      “It was amazing to see the number of companies that are putting new resources into the Latin America region.
      “Clearly, United Cargo is not the only organization that is bullish on Latin America's future.”

     Also on the airline side, TAP Cargo was present at SAO Intermodal 2011.
     During the event, TAP Cargo’s CEO, José Anjos (above), revealed an 18 percent growth forecast for TAP Cargo this year in Brazil.
     TAP plays a key role in business relations between Portugal and Brazil operating (from June 1) 74 weekly services to 10 Brazilian cities.
     “In 2010, we reached a perfect operational balance: we transported 17,000 tons from Portugal to Brazil and then 17,000 from Brazil to Portugal,” Mr. Anjos said.
     Speaking to the ambitious upward curve of business in the southern climes, Delta Cargo President Neel Shah noted:
     “For us the entire Latin American market has shown some tremendous strength and we are very pleased with our year on year performance in all gateways including SCL, GRU, GIG, EZE, LIM, and BOG”.

Regional To Global
Outlook From Nick

Delta Air Lines President Edward H. Bastian and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa celebrate DLs new Japan flights and LA's music industry at The Getty House on February 10, 2011.

      Beginning a few months ago, Nick St. Lewis, former Delta Cargo Sales Manager Southeast, accepted responsibility for running a new area for Delta Airline Cargo.
      Called the West Region, today Nick heads up a team of nine covering Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.
      So while Nick is going eastside to westside across the USA, he has been balancing the responsibilities of moving to Los Angeles from Atlanta where the cargo pro had sales responsibility for the Southeast Region.
      But as DL spreads its wings in a truly global effort, it will be people such as Nick that will need to form the backbone of sales and service strength to deliver the goods for the world’s largest airline and make the promised goal of a billion dollar business out of Delta Cargo.
      With so much riding on Nick’s market, DL has added additional service from Los Angeles-Haneda and celebrated that auspicious start with Delta Air Lines President Edward H. Bastian and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at a gala event, which also saluted the music industry and was held at Getty House.
      Back down on the ground, we spoke to Nick St. Lewis, wondering what is next for his program in 2011?
      “Last year (2010), my region’s (Southeast) revenue and kilos were up close to 20 percent over the previous year.
      “So I was very proud that we performed up to my expectation.
      “Despite major revenue setbacks in April due to the volcanic activity and European airport closure due to winter weather late in the year, we were still able to achieve significant revenue growth through the combined efforts of every area in our department including sales, operations and the call center teams.
      “We also added a number of new destinations to Asia, Europe and Africa, so it was never a dull moment keeping up with all the new cities/flights.
      “There is no lack of professionalism and ‘can-do’ attitude at DL Cargo; as a matter of fact, that is how we move everyday.
      “Looking ahead, our success is linked to the performance of the economy and our ability to react quickly to market situations.
      “The results can impact the type of aircraft we’d fly on certain routes.
      “As passenger demand changes in some markets, as a company we are able to quickly react and right size the gauge of the aircraft flying and still maintain some market presence, which is the right thing to do.
      “However, from a cargo perspective, the smaller the planes, the less likelihood that we will be able to load the customary volumes on certain routes.
      “Currently all segments are performing well and we expect to see continued growth in both Mail and Pharma as our renewed investments in our people and facilities continues to yield high-value products.”
      When we asked Nick to list some industry events that he will attend the answers are actually quite interesting and varied.
              “Air Cargo Ameicas 2011 – Many of our domestic customer and vendors attend and it’s a great networking opportunity.
              “Funeral Directors Convention – Delta Cargo moves a tremendous amount of Human Remains and our dedicated group, Delta Cares, attends to all air-transport arrangements from the original call from the funeral home.
              “Boston Seafood show – Given our extensive network, we move seafood on nearly every Delta flight, providing a great opportunity to network and generate business leads.
              “Atlanta Air Cargo Association – Networking event with customers and vendors. I was also nominated to the 2011 Board of Directors; however I ultimately could not serve because of my new assignment in Los Angeles.
      “What I would like to change about air cargo is the amount of paperwork that has to follow any one shipment.
      “I am looking forward to the day when E-Freight practices become an every day occurrence.
      “We are currently setting up a team to spearhead this initiative, so I am very encouraged that we will be a lot closer to this goal by year end.”
Email: nick.stlewis@delta.com


Dhaka is a new destination for Lufthansa Cargo, now serving Bangladesh/Frankfurt with Frankfurt every Wednesday . . . Commonwealth of Australia to acquire a fifth Boeing C-17 Globemaster III airlifter to allow the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) ability as demand for humanitarian and disaster relief missions grows. . . HKIA said that its air cargo biz was up 6.2 percent to 369,000 tons during March, driven by strong exports to North America . . . Shanghai-based Spring Airlines pioneering budget service wants to expand to neighboring markets and is looking for JV partners in Macao and Korea . . . EU banned all air carriers certified in Mozambique from flying into the EU due to safety concerns. Simultaneously, EU cleared four all-cargo air carriers from Indonesia, Cardig Air, Republic Express, Asia Link and Air Maleo and one air carrier from Ukraine from the no-fly list as “safety concerns have been satisfactorily addressed,” EU said . . . East Midlands Airport said although 2010 was it’s busiest year ever for handling cargo, with a 40 percent surge of the entire UK market and more than 300,000 tons of freight flown in and out of the Castle Donington facility, “2011 should be better.” Stay tuned . . .

Comment For Geoffrey Arend
     I have asked on several occasions to be removed from your email list to no avail.
     As a former VP of Flying Tigers, I find the use of your company name of poor taste and foolish.
     Please remove this email from your distribution.
     Your cooperation is expected.

Thank you.

Dear Frank,

      Thanks for your letter and comment.
      Our publication title is genuine, and in fact has no relation to Flying Tigers. It dates back to the days of the AVG, when transport cargo pilots resupplying Kunming from Assam across the Himalayas via C46 Commandos referred to reporters deadheading into China on their cargo flights as "those Flying Typers."       Those reporters hailed from publications like Stars And Stripes and other media, and they carried small black cases containing portable typewriters.
      Our Editor Emeritus, Ed "Ansel " Talbert, who served as top aviation editor of the New York Herald Tribune and a founder of the Wings Club told me that story in 1983.

Pictured at a Middle East Airlines event in 1984, (l tor) Ansel E. Talbert, executive editor, Air Cargo News, Salim Salaam, chairman and chief executive officer, Middle East Airlines and Geoffrey Arend, publisher Air Cargo News.

     Later when he died, I asked Jimmy Doolittle to help get Ed buried in Arlington as he had also served as a key member of General Doolittle's staff during WWII in the UK. He had belonged to a group known as "Ike's Spies", a group responsible for breaking the German code during the conflict as part of Operation Ultra.
      I am a veteran of Vietnam with the utmost respect and admiration for our military & aviation history and have written some books about those subjects.

Best wishes,

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What Is On The Menu
At EMO Trans?

     While the big trade organizations, governing bodies and air cargo airlines are conducting their gatherings as the Spring/Summer 2011 season unfolds, Air Cargo News FlyingTypers spent a few days earlier this month with EMO Trans at their Global Annual Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany
    EMO Trans began providing professional air freight services in Germany in 1965.
    During the past 46 years EMO Trans has grown and now has solutions for air cargo, ocean freight, distribution and warehousing via 250+ offices located in over 120 countries.
    Bells and whistles services include offering door-to-door control for every shipment, global visibility through local representation and knowledge of the unique characteristics of each market.
    “We build our market presence with careful planning and total customer service,” says Joachim Frigger.
    The company also keeps its team on the same page by doing a little out of the box, side step in addition to the annual meeting and empowering office visits, by offering the Annual EMO Trans Cookbook for the past three years.
    Through the cookbook, EMO Trans shows true originality in recognizing and acknowledging the varied cultures of the EMO employees and the world the company serves.
    Filled with page upon page of local favorite recipes from people in its far-flung network of offices, the EMO Trans Cookbook offers a unified vision of the company and shows what makes for a true recipe for success: the ability to stay close to the ground, stock your ranks with good people, and always keep close to the customer.
    We know all this because we cover EMO Trans here in FT often.
    What we weren’t fully aware of is that there were so many delectable dishes at work in the same place.
    Talk about victorious victuals!
    "What we did,” said EMO Trans boss Jo Frigger, “was ask people from all of our global offices to submit recipes that were personal or family favorites in order to capture the flavor of our worldwide group and share some favorite meals with friends and business colleagues.”
    We know now, at least in America, where seemingly everyday people such as Rachel Ray have made millions cooking up simple food recipes, that working people do a pretty good job balancing family life and home cooked meals with their everyday jobs.
    The Third Edition EMO Cookbook jumps out of the gate with a clever recipe for crumb cake; this offering from Jenni Frigger-Latham (EMO Freeport) is tailored for “people who like to eat the crumbs and leave the     cake.”
Another idea from Tom Brown EMO BDL is called Bachelor Taco Soup. The recipe plays off the kinds of ingredients (beans, corn, peppers and tomatoes plus some ground turkey) that, with the exception of the last ingredient, move from idea to a finished meal with a pan, a can opener, and a couple beers.
    Worth noting also is an intriguing Spanish dish from Sonya Millan Mikman of EMO Chile called Paster de Choico.
    This deep baked dish with wonderful spices like cumin and fresh basil is a filling array of lean beef, chicken, black olives, hardboiled eggs, raisins and a half dozen grated ears of fresh corn.
    The favorite (given the time of year and just in time for Easter) is Robert Barton’s (EMO Brisbane) Seven Hour Lamb.
    This is a two-fisted whole leg of lamb recipe with anchovies, pepper, garlic and white wine, which is fried, sealed, placed into a heavy tight baking dish and put into the oven for over half a day.
    Robert suggests serving Goonawarra Shiraz and he gets no argument from us.
    It is the perfect seasonal dish and provides ample time for starting up on that Shiraz early, with an extended cocktail hour that goes on forever whilst everyone in the family catches up on Easter Sunday.
    “The variety of different dishes from around the world reflects the versatility and multitude of the many nationalities which make up our global company.
    “I believe that presenting the various foods in this format brings us closer together.”
    So if an Army marches on its stomach, at the core of things it can also be said that EMO Trans Customized Global Logistics has a heart like a wheel.
    The word is that later this year the company will combine all three volumes of the cookbook, so stay tuned.
    In the meantime, why not slice off a bit of life and what’s good to eat by securing your own EMO Cookbook!
    Cost is a reasonable USD$15.00 and all proceeds go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
    Contact Emo Trans and your very own 72-page cookbook will be on its way to your doorstep.
    Immediately upon receipt, open up to page 43 and combine elbow macaroni with mild cheddar, sharp cheddar, velveeta, milk, and Worcestershire sauce for six hours in slow cooker.
    Is this slow cooker death by mac & cheese?
    Some crusty bread with the mac, asparagus wrapped in bauernschinken (German prosciutto) and cold beers sounds like a small slice of heaven to us.
    More info: laura.mills@emotrans.com

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