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   Vol. 15  No. 44
Wednesday June 8, 2016

Gareth Joyce Is All About Choice
Delta Dream Team

The Delta Cargo Dream Team—From left to right, Maurice Fuchs, Global Account Manager; Jeffrey Elder, General Manager – Cargo Sales Development; Irina Koeppen, Regional Manager JV Cargo Performance & Special Projects; Alex Clayton, General Manager – Marketing & Vertical Sales; Kazumi Sakuhara, Manager – Revenue Development of Temperature Controlled Products; Gareth Joyce, President – Delta Cargo; Charlie Sferlazza, Global Account Manager; Michael Hatfield, General Manager – Global Accounts; Jon Corbi, Global Account Manager.

     Gareth Joyce has served as the President of Delta Cargo for almost a month now. In that time, he has worked continuously with the Cargo Sales team to strengthen the logistics arm at Delta, focusing on bold, new strategies that engage the Delta customer.
      In an air cargo world of choices, Gareth is happily accepting the challenge to drive shippers to Delta.
      “We have an opportunity to make Delta Cargo an entrepreneur inside of Delta,” Mr. Joyce declares.
      “My goal is to create a nimble, profitable, and agile business that can cut through the jungle a little quicker, perhaps, than Delta Air Lines as a whole.
      “Delta Cargo has the potential to redefine the product and service we offer. We have an opportunity to make this business far more customer-centric and consumer-oriented.”

Fly Drive

      Mr. Joyce traded wheels for wings in May, leaving Mercedes-Benz Canada, where he served as CEO and President, to join Delta.
      “At Mercedes-Benz we led a very complex network of business functions that included moving 60 million parts around the country, doing 2.5 million services on cars, and supporting nearly 2 million call center customer interactions each year.
      “Transporting parts is a core component of machinery behind a service organization that is there to delight customers.
      “More than logistics, Delta is centered on service.
      “Great service is delivered when three components hit the target simultaneously: strong and stable processes and systems combined with highly capable and motivated people.
      “All three of these apply to our challenges within the cargo business.”

Gareth Joyce

Assets & Service Delivery Focus

      “My early impression is that we need to double down on our greatest strengths.
      “There are two key priorities.
      “Priority one: leverage Delta’s domestic network.
      “Delta offers more than 5,000 flights a day in the U.S. and we need to better manage that capacity for our customers.
      “Priority two: think global. 
      “We have to build from our domestic capabilities and enhance the international community, leveraging our joint venture partners to grow relationships with customers and become their preferred carrier over the long-term.
      “I want our customers to come to us with new business because they know we’re the best.
      “When you’re delivering a product that your customers celebrate, you’re doing it right. I’m challenging my teams to ask questions and deliver ideas that will make Delta Cargo head and shoulders above our competition in service delivery.
      “In a market that is oversaturated with capacity, if we get this right, we have a better chance that customers will bring their business to us through value creation and not just price.”

First Impressions

       “The leadership inside Delta that I’ve encountered is inspiring.
      “There’s an executive leadership team here that has humility, vision, appetite for measured risk, and a true sense of caring for the people in Delta.
      “My biggest leadership challenge inside the cargo business will be to make sure that leadership strength is cascaded into our organization.
      “I’m a leader that plays to win and I really play hard to win. But I always play by the rules.
      “I ask my teams to play hard and leave nothing on the field.
      “And if you lose, that’s okay, but you have to reflect on the game you’ve played to see where you can improve.
      “I’m in the game right alongside my team and lead through action.”

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