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   Vol. 18 No. 39
Monday June 3, 2019

Spargel For Dinner At Air Cargo Europe

  Whatever you do next week whilst attending Air Cargo Europe in Munich, (June 4-7) do not allow the opportunity to enjoy a proper German white asparagus dinner slip by.
  White asparagus or spargel is a very short seasonal offering in Bavaria and it is everywhere this time of year, unique in the world, and so very delicious!
  The picture here says it all.
  Order the white gold (spargel) classically served with small boiled potatoes, some bauernschinken (German prosciutto),with Bearnaise sauce for the potatoes and asparagus.
  Come to think of it look for some tiny tart pickles (cornichons) to give the plate even more character!
  A feast for the Gods!
  Germans' passion for white asparagus is celebrated in museums — and even by queens.
  In Nienburg, a town located about four hours from Munich in Lower Saxony, this time of year you can stroll along the Spargelstrasse, or Asparagus Road, where more spargel grows than in any other part of Germany.
  That also means more and better asparagus than you can find anywhere else on earth.
  Believe it!
  Nienburg is the Spargel Shrine with a Spargel Museum and also a Spargel Fountain in the center of town.
  But take our lead here.
  Every restaurant in and around Munich has spargel on the menu right now.
If you happen to walk into a joint, and by some small chance the proprietor does not have spargel on the menu, congregate elsewhere!
  White asparagus from Germany this time of year is glorious and fleeting and will be gone in a couple weeks for good in 2019.
  We recommend, have dinner and order a spargel carry away for the next morning.
  The true “Breakfast of Champions!”
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