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   Vol. 18 No. 40
Wednesday June 5, 2019

Shop The World I Want To Get Off
     We show up in Munich, where everybody all at once is going for the big splash, jumping into the mega cargo event pool.
     In the sink or swim sum total game, here comes “heyworld” a ‘new’ product from Lufthansa Cargo.
     Hearing the run together words “heyworld” as branding, gets a knee jerk reaction and a smile, as we recall the great Anthony Newley in the play titled “Stop The World I Want To Get Off.”
     But on or off, we can say ideas and action are the stuff of trade show excitement.
     New ideas and dramatic certainty continue to emerge from Lufthansa Cargo, that lives in the land where the Berlin Airlift inspired an air cargo industry in the first place.
Timo Schamber      The Airlift that ended 70 years ago in 1949 is being celebrated this week in Germany as history comes alive with 40 aircraft from 1949 at Wiesbaden, to touch and feel on display beginning June 9th.
     Mighty Lufthansa, which operated the first Boeing B747 freighter in the world in schedules from New York to Frankfurt, today in 2019 continues to field marketing programs to advance the age of global air cargo. It is front and center at the world’s biggest air cargo show with a new idea.
     “heyworld,” according to the presser here promises an “additional transport offering for online retailer.”
     If those words sound like some additional frosting on the cake, you will get no argument from us.
     Timo Schamber, Managing Director of heyworld said:
     “With our dynamic team of experienced logisticians and retail experts, we will be able to create the best transport solutions for cross-border online trade.”
     That focus on a specialized solution could be beneficial, although we can’t help but wonder, isn’t more than 90% of Lufthansa Cargo business already “cross border?”
     More power to them, as we watch and wonder:
     Heyworld, what’s up lately?
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