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   Vol. 15  No. 54
Tuesday July 19, 2016

Sun & Moon

Sun and Moon

Sun and Moonnce upon a time, long before FlyingTypers, I worked at KXEO Radio in Mexico, Missouri, running specialized programming at KWWR- FM.
The best part of my job was creating original studio productions and scheduling block programming of old-time radio shows of the 1930s & 1940s, including The Lone Ranger, Gangbusters, The Shadow, and others.
From programming and sales at a radio station, I moved to New York City, where I worked as a club reviewer and music critic for The Hollywood Reporter while also starting up a monthly tabloid at JFK International Airport called Airport Times, The Cargo Paper.
     While working for The Hollywood Reporter, I interviewed Elvis, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, and many others.
     During the early years of publishing Air Cargo News, my passion for music and programming continued, as Air Cargo News created a 27-hour anthology of music and interviews with survivors of The Hal Kemp Orchestra, an anthology featured on public radio stations in New York and elsewhere.
     The music was recorded and transcribed from two hundred 78 rpm phonograph records that Kemp created from 1928 until 1940, when he died tragically and the band went out of business.
     Today one way I enjoy relaxing is by creating playlists that are shared with family and friends, although I listen to mostly classical music on a daily basis.
     This playlist was created after looking at a wonderful picture of a full moon and a United Airlines airplane.
Summer Reruns     Our “Summer Sun & Moon Playlist” is taken from YouTube so we can be assured it will play for everyone, all around the world.
     In some cases, an advertisement may pop up, but stick with it.
     You will note that some songs are repeated by different artists.
     Audrey Hepburn’s reading of “Moon River,” for example, is entirely different from Henry Mancini’s full orchestra treatment (Johnnie Mercer wrote the lyrics). Mancini’s full orchestra version of “Moon River” topped the hit parade charts in the Americas when “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” played in the movies, although I have always felt the Hepburn reading is better, more personal, and quite sweet.
     Likewise, “Fly Me To The Moon” takes on vast colors in two different versions here. A soft, lilting bossa nova treatment by Astrud Gilberto is played against lush strings, while the great Big Band crooner, Perry Como, performs a melted butter vocal against a big orchestra set piece for a more upbeat take.
     My view of music is less about style and generation, and has always been informed by something Duke Ellington said:
     “If it sounds good, it is good;” that’s what the great “Edward A” proclaimed.
     The idea here is to loop and listen to the music via your computer.
     Sure, you can watch the videos, but the music is the thing, and some of the videos are fuzzy and unnecessary.
     You can fast-forward the ads, and after a first play the ads should not repeat.
     Also, if you only have time for one song, fast-forward to Willie & Brian and the Boys for “The Warmth of the Sun.”
     For me, every time I hear “Turn Off The Moon,” the closer, I wind up listening to the entire set again.
     Would love to hear your comments, and would certainly not have to be pushed too hard or encouraged very much to share another playlist for Christmastide that would include another from Tracy Tracy & The Primitives.
     Sun & Moon works nicely from track to track, but for me the most enjoyable listening happens when you can hit “random” and allow the playlist to change every cycle—if you own a Spotify account, the link to open Sun & Moon in your own music library, where you can randomize and resort the list, is here:

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