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   Vol. 17 No. 72
Friday October 26, 2018

ATC Toronto Road Show

Welcome Aboard . . . Ingo Zimmer (L) CEO, ATC Aviation and Mr. Jerry P. Calaluan, Assistant Vice President Cargo Sales, Philippine Airlines as Philippine Airlines joins the ATC family.

     “We find something of value in every conference that we attend,” said a tanned and rested Ingo Zimmer speaking from the ATC Group stand at the Toronto ACF.
     Ingo, who breathes imagination, vitality, style and life into GSSA revealed that despite a recent bit of time off with his wife and children that he plans to continue the GSSA’s aggressive expansion program.

Philippine Airlines Via ATC To Hong Kong

     “Our big news this week in Toronto is another exclusive as ATC commences applying our GSSA expertise for Philippine Airlines Cargo flying from Manila to Hong Kong.
     “I believe in partnership and quality,”
     Ingo Zimmer said adding:
     “Philippine Cargo, a great Asian legacy carrier offers four flights daily between Manila and Hong Kong with handsome cargo capacity on each movement.”
     “We are very excited.”
     “We are going all out to guarantee success all around,” Ingo Zimmer promised.
     “Airlines are comfortable with our hands-on personal style of service as we grow our offering everywhere in the world including Asia, Europe, Africa, India, and the Americas.”

South America Goes ATC

     Breaking news just as Summer 2018 was ending, reported ATC purchasing Pacific Feeder Services (PFS) effectively changing the GSSA landscape in Latin America.
     As ATC CEO Ingo said it, ATC and PFS have created “the perfect symbiosis for the South American market.”

The Global Approach

     “Everywhere in the world we serve, ATC is made up of not only experienced airline people, but many of our executives, myself included, started in the freight forwarding industry,” Ingo enthused.
     “We also train our reservation and customer service staff extensively to recognize the value and importance of the freight forwarder.
     “That makes us especially sensitive to the demands and expectations of shippers and forwarders—down on the ground, shipment for shipment—as the airline’s most important customer is our top priority.
     “We know what the forwarders’ expectations are, as we speak the language of the forwarder,” Ingo said.

A Different Culture

     “ATC owns and operates all our offices; there are no subcontracted operations,” says Ingo.
     “What that means is consistency—same centralized state-of-the-art IT, clear group procedure manual, and hand-selected top managers.
     “All customer service staff at ATC has forwarder/airline backgrounds.
     “We hire the best by offering top notch career opportunities to our employees.
     “In an era of constant downward pressure, ATC does not embrace the cut-rate approach of filling our staff positions with cheap labor.”
     “So little doubt about it,” Ingo insists, “our greatest assets are the team at ATC.
     “ATC continually invests in training, education, and coaching.
     “We participate with company teams in sport activities (ATC boot camps), hold informal get-togethers, and stay face-to-face up and down the line with the ATC Team worldwide.
     “The result is a vastly superior product offering in every aspect of our business.
     “Input from the whole team drives the decision making at ATC.
     “We are truly a bottom-up business, rather than dictating from the top down,” Ingo Zimmer said.

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