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   Vol. 16 No. 88
Wednesday November 1, 2017

Turkish Cargo Is Unstoppable
Turkish Cargo Is Unstoppable

THY Booth No.     Turkish Cargo’s Vice President Cargo Sales (Americas) Mehmet Gurkan is ramping up the excitement as Air Cargo Americas 2017 opens in Miami.
      With dramatic increases in its air cargo business, the carrier appears unstoppable as it continues to build its reputation worldwide.
      Mr. Gurkan declares that all signs lead to major opportunities for shippers.
      “Turkish Cargo,” Mehmet declares, “has been growing 17 percent every year since 2008.
      “This year in 2017, Turkish Cargo is expected to grow by 30 percent, extending our network and fleet.
      “We are offering shippers great flexibility and enhanced opportunity via our heavy lift, long haul B747Fs across our long haul routes to Gateway Istanbul and beyond.
      “The additional freighter capacity has afforded our business partners considerable edge for movement of all kinds of cargo.
      “Our all-cargo long haul fleet currently includes three B747Fs.
      “In 2018, in addition to belly lift offering cargo on every Turkish Airlines flight, our all-cargo fleet will include two B777Fs, nine A330s, an A310, and the aforementioned B747Fs.
      “We currently serve Atlanta, New York, Chicago, and Sao Paolo.
      “Mexico City, Bogota, Quito, Toronto, Houston, plus increased main deck frequencies for New York, Chicago, and Sao Paolo are soon to be added.”

Turkish Is Unstoppable

      “The Turkish Cargo offering is also focused on delivering top quality courier and pharma services (certified by IATA CEIV).
      “In the meantime, overall continued investment in hub operations and customer service systems has driven our customer service and satisfaction dramatically upward.”

Ahead To Gateway Istanbul

      “Gateway Istanbul features more than 40 specialized storage areas and excellent connection times.
      “Turkish Cargo provides top service for all kinds of cargo including perishable and pharmaceutical operations.
      “With our extended network and efficient connection times, Turkish Cargo offers reliable long term customer service to destinations worldwide.
      “We are unstoppable,” Mehmet Gurkan said.
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