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   Vol. 18 No. 71
Monday November 4, 2019
EMO Trans Big South Africa Win
EMO Trans Big South Africa Win

“The EMO Trans organization proudly announces our new exclusive global co-operation partnership with Bidvest International Logistics (BIL) in South Africa that commences in early 2020,” Jo Frigger, CEO of EMO Trans told FlyingTypers as a blockbuster deal between BIL and EMO was announced Monday November 4.
  “EMO Trans, founded 1965 in Stuttgart with a network of 250 offices in 120 countries has worked with Sebenza in South Africa since 1995,” Mr. Frigger said.
  “Sebenza is now integrated into Bidvest International Logistics.
  “EMO Trans and Bidvest International Logistics are strategically positioned for further growth and will continue to provide superior and innovative services to our customers everywhere.” Mr. Frigger declared.

Bidvest Moves To EMO From Panalpina

  What makes this announcement even more dramatic is Bidvest Panalpina Logistics (BPL) is splitting from DSV/Panalpina after 46 years of commercial partnership and will in future trade as Bidvest International Logistics, effective early 2020, once all regulatory changes have been completed.

Pride of South Africa

  “Bidvest International Logistics, a proudly South African Company is owned by The Bidvest Group Ltd. (Bidvest-89%) and The Makana Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd. (MIC-11%),” a spokesman for Bidvest said.
  “Bidvest and MIC have been partners for the past 20 years, underscoring Bidvest’s commitment to the transformation and the empowerment of South Africans.”

Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela Connection

  The late President Nelson Mandela established Makana Investment Corp. to look after the families of former political (apartheid) prisoners.
  “Bidvest is proud to join forces with EMO Trans Global Logistics as its global forwarding network partner.
  “Through this exclusive agency partnership, Bidvest International Logistics’ global reach will extend to 335 network offices in over 140 countries.
  “The customer centric focus and global service offering of EMO Trans has made them the perfect choice for BIL,” Bidvest said.

EMO Proven South African Service

  “EMO Trans and MIC’s operating business, Sebenza Forwarding, have worked together for the past 20 years, bringing world class service to the South African market. “Through this relationship, EMO Trans has developed an in-depth understanding of the South African landscape,” Bidvest assured.
  “BIL is strategically positioned for further growth and will continue to provide superior and innovative service to its customers.
  “Our company provides end-to-end supply-chain solutions across a number of different industries and offers international import and export services, using road, sea and air.

Taking South Africa Cargo Upward

  “Bidvest and its new global partner, EMO Trans are poised now more than ever before, to take business to new places by delivering the world as your trusted partner,” the company said.

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