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   Vol. 18 No. 68
Tuesday October 29, 2019
Cargo Friends In Miami This Week
Air Cargo Americas

Air Cargo Americas (ACA) gets underway this week in Miami, October 29-31.
     ACA is the Grand Daddy of American air cargo industry gatherings—a wide, open, lusty, and frenetic couple of days of warmth and Latin fellowship and spirit.
     Yes, the event can also be a bit wild and even rough around the edges, especially when the party gets going on the trade show floor at 12 o’clock, or as the time is known here, high noon.
Come To The Show

     ACA gets underway at The Miami Airport & Convention Center, a close by venue just off the main runways at Miami International Airport October 29 at 0900 sharp.
     This year an aggressive wide-ranging grouping of sessions features top speakers and a list of hot button encounters.
     There will be two sessions held each day, the first at 0900 and then at 10:30, followed by the aforementioned trade exhibits opening at high noon.
     Registration is open on site so walk ups are welcome and encouraged.
     The full three- day conference and trade show pass costs a reasonable $400.00. A Day Pass costs $150.00.
     More information: www.aircargoamericas.com.

Larger Than Life Event

     The old and young who network here are always larger than life, representing the heart and soul of this American air cargo industry.
     We have always thought that the location of the ACA venue offered great access and opportunity for all at the event.
     For certain, ACA is not as polished as some trade shows, but dig a little deeper and embrace all of ACA, from its pipe rail booths to the bigger, slicker display stands. The networking is outstanding, the flavor is Latin as mentioned, and this event shines out from the heart of air cargo.

Lady Charlotte Still At The Helm

Eric Andrews and Charlotte Gallogly     A tip of the hat goes to Charlotte Gallogly, President of the World Trade Center Miami, who has been at the helm of this event since it began twenty-six years ago.
     We might also add kudos to Eric Andrews who is always a major part of the sessions mix.
Miami International Airport gets a nod as well.
     No other gateway in the world has a biennial cargo event of this size and dimension that has lasted as long, nor greeted more members of the air cargo industry.
     Now with TIACA nesting its biennial event in Miami, the South Florida city can point to itself hosting a world-class global event meant to gather and lift the air cargo universe every year.

Air Cargo Americas People

Friends For So Many Years

     Thinking about all the things we do while employed in air cargo, making friends from all over the world is better than anything else.
     A curious thing occurs when we gather at air cargo events—sooner or later, our humanity takes over.
     The “mission” gets pushed back and we become much more than the voices and faces and thinking of what passes as air cargo today.
     This is our life, this career in air cargo. These are our friends who are there for us, like touchstones, whether in Cape Town, Istanbul, Basel, or Rangoon.
     What a great example of international relationships these air cargo trade shows can be.      People from all over the world, connected by the desire to advance the speed of international commerce, meeting in Miami, Florida, for a couple of days in late October under the warmth of the sun.
     Just when it’s getting cold on the shoulder, ruling out any hope of one more languorous day up north, we join the birds and the bees down south.
     Don’t miss it.

Beach Boys Friends
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