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   Vol. 18 No. 71
Monday November 4, 2019
Nic Has The Knack
Qatar Airways Nic Danton Has The Knack

Nicolas Danton, Regional Cargo Africa for Qatar Cargo is surveying the scene at the just concluded FIATA World Congress in Cape Town, South Africa.
     Qatar Cargo landed Nic, who today can count 30 years in the business, about six years ago in November 2013.
     Since then the soft-spoken executive has stepped up and made things happen.
     What it is about Nic Danton is, this great cargo professional continues to deliver his specialty—the shipping business to and from Africa as the Doha-based carrier moves into top of the heap in global air cargo airlines.
     A long-time air cargo professional who brings first-hand knowledge from both sides of this business, having already made a great reputation whilst at DHL and Expeditors, and prior to the forwarder turn, at Lufthansa Cargo.
     What you like about Nic right away is that he is a no-pressure guy, who always seems to be leaning into and expanding the conversation.
     Worth mentioning in Nic’s impressive work resume is that the Mauritius-born cargo specialist speaks English and French fluently, worked for and alongside the legendary and great Peter Rose, a true giant of this industry who took freight forwarding to another level, founding and then operating Expeditors.
     Nic’s experience in moving products ranges from textiles to coal mining, oil and gas.
     So, from both sides of the fence—the airline and the forwarder, Nic understands what great service is and what needs to be delivered and he manages to be knowledgeable with a velvet glove.
     He has a genuine smile and manner that lets it flow in any situation.
     Anyone old enough to remember the big band era in popular music might recall the easy crooning boy singer.
     Not sure if Nic can carry a tune in a basket but he sure could be the poster boy in 2019 for the “Mohair Sam” of another era.
     That particular attribute cannot be taken lightly.
     Today with versatility, market knowledge and just plain business decency, Nic has the Knack, anyway you look at it.
     “Opening up Africa to the world for trade is the every day mission and what we are doing at Qatar Cargo,” Nic said.
     “Building two-way traffic both into Europe and via our hub in Doha is an exciting proposition right now.
     “Our footprint is bigger and growing faster, as we expand into new cities and are part of the drive to new markets.
     “QR will open service to Gabarone in December 2019 and Angola in March 2020,” Nic said.
     “Our vision for Africa is quite clear:
     “Here is the continent of opportunity of the 21st century and QR leads the way with 22 online stations.
     “No question that Qatar Cargo is the go-to resource in Africa with high safety and security standards and great customer service. Qatar Cargo is moved by people and our mission is to connect Africa with the world, develop new products and support the emerging economies.”
     Nic lives in Johannesburg with his wife Christel, and Sacha, the youngest of the couple’s three children, while son Samuel and daughter Charlotte attend Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape province of South Africa.
     Nic admits that his career has included quite a few moves but characteristically he smiles and says softly:
     “My family is just great—as we move, they have always been onboard, perhaps a bit of a cry on arrival and again on departure, but overall the experience has produced some lasting friends all around for all of us.
     “Qatar Cargo is growing at a record clip.
     “We are winning because Qatar Cargo understands the human condition and steps up.
     “As example, people can fill up two big suitcases inbound and basically sell the contents at home.
     “That might not be a big deal, but to people working to take hold with new business enterprises, Qatar Airways is paying attention,” Nic Danton said.

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