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   Vol. 21 No. 25
Thursday June 16, 2022

WeQare A Children's Song

Guillaume Halleux on WeQare

     On Bedford Street in Manhattan is a wonderful ancient passage that runs for some blocks parallel to Hudson Street.
     There is a beautiful wooden frame home on Bedford Street right down the block from Chumley’s, a great writer's saloon and at one time a stop on the Underground Railroad that until the end of the U.S. Civil War worked to free slaves.
     At one point Bedford passes by Public School Three (PS 3) where etched in stone are the words “ Childhood Shows The Man", from the 17th century poet John Milton.
     As schooIs in New York City are emptying out for Summer 2022, I have been thinking, as have many parents about children, and watching with great interest a unique and earnest effort for children by Guillaume Halleux, Qatar Airways Chief Officer Cargo:
     “Children are the future generation and we hope that they bloom and develop their full potential.
     “Not all children are born with the same opportunities, but every child has the right to dream.
     “To make their dreams a reality, Qatar Airways Cargo wants to gather forces to support this next generation in need, by sending them toys, educational materials, and sports items so that all children can enjoy their childhood," Guillaume declared.
     When Qatar Airways Cargo delivered the third in its groundbreaking WeQare sustainability campaign branded “ Let's Stand Together”, an idea of seeking donations for children that focused on education, sports and fun may have seemed a simple enough goal, but in this often glum, hard bitten year of continued COVID and War, we thought, well why not?
     So the call “Let’s Stand Together” for children went out and Qatar Cargo set its system to collect donations with each station featuring its own collection point.
     At home Qatar Airways Cargo opened six donation collection points for its employees as well.
     So what did they ask for and get?
     WeQare collected study material (books, school bags, pencils), clothes and sports items (socks, soccer balls, sneakers, jerseys) as well as toys, musical instruments, and board games from around the world and then redistributed them globally as well.
     The Beach Boys song “Surf's Up” by Brian Wilson & Van Dyke Parks sums it all up:
               “A children's song
               “Have you listened as they played?
               “Their song is love,
               “And the children know the way!”

     Bravo Qatar Cargo!

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