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   Vol. 21 No. 27
Tuesday July 5, 2022

High-Tech JFK Cargo System Debut

Donna Mullins and Phil Jensen

     When it comes to future thinking in air cargo, Phil Jensen, Vice President Business Development and Industry Relations at Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) and Donna Mullins, Vice President Kale Logistics Solutions are all smiles after a test collaboration of the partners' Kale-provided Community Cargo System recently at the WFS JFK Cargo Building 9 in New York.
     We first knew Phil when he was fronting a small Long Island puddle jumper, whilst situate behind the service counter in the lobby of The Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia.
     Jensen went into air cargo and wherever he has landed since, he has distinguished himself as a futurist supporter of the industry and its people, while building business.
     Donna, you should know, in addition to leading the USA charge for the brilliant Amar More, CEO of Kale Logistics Solutions, is one great human being. Donna has always rung true, especially as a heart and soul part of the Atlanta Air Cargo Association.
     Very early during the pandemic, this lady took it upon herself to help out truckers at ATL with shopping bag meals from Ruby's Chicken House (Ruby's is named in memory of Ruby Saggus, Donna’s Mom).
     What Donna did was to distribute at no charge, and unheralded, meals for truckers who were mostly stuck in their trucks with no place to dine.
     Now the Kale Team with Donna and others, and Phil at WCS are working to advance solutions together as handling seeks unique answers in 2022 moving general cargo and highly specialized verticals.
     More and more industry stakeholders must plan to exceed the need, deploying data analytics and data mining technologies to move consignments.
     Here comes the brave new world:
     “A single window ACS enables electronic communications in airports between private transport operators (airlines, agents, and freight forwarders), the private vicinity (pre- and on-carriage, usually by road), importers and exporters, the airport authorities, customs, and other authorities,” Donna said.
     “With technology at its core, the Kale Logistics Solutions’ Airport Cargo Community system can do it all,” she added.
     Worldwide Flight Service (WFS) began testing the Kale Air Cargo Community System (ACS), slot booking system at its JFK Building 9, on December 13, 2021.
Now six months later, with more than eighty stakeholders (about 74% participation) enrolled in the WFS ‘Time Is Money’ Program, WFS reports 1,600 transactions dock in to dock out process performed on the platform as of May 31, 2022.
     “The impact of Phase I is extremely noticeable, at Building 9, and the next phase of ACS implementation is ready to begin," Donna said.
     “There are significant challenges facing the industry, especially regarding lagging IT infrastructure upgrades.”
     Looking ahead, air cargo traffic is expected to go beyond thrice its current size, out-pacing passenger traffic and thereby providing airlines with greater revenue-generation opportunities.
     “Technological systems like ACS can bridge the gap between the standardization of processes and the technological needs of the air cargo value chain,” Donna said.
     Donna and Phil, these two air cargo foot soldiers for progress exude a force of hope and cooperation that makes the entire movement of cargo much easier.

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