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   Vol. 22 No. 3
Thursday January 19, 2023

Berry New Horizons Casey Comes To Bat?

Jason Berry and Matthieu Casey

     Air Cargo Executive of 2022 Jason Berry who was lauded by Air Cargo World in early December suddenly vacated his top spot at Air Canada Cargo, moving to VP operations at Horizon Air.
     So what happened? Something definitely did not work out and we can only hope as you read this the likeable young man and his family are OK and moving on with their lives.
     Horizon Air does get a top rated executive who, in fact, had built a solid reputation in operations.
     No word from Air Canada, but some wonder if moving forward, Matthieu Casey, another bright and rising star who got high marks during the 'cargo in cabin' and the ramp up to freighters at Air Canada, might get the nod.

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