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   Vol. 22 No. 2
Wednesday January 11, 2023

China Hops To It

Chinese New Year

Looking back at 2022 and ahead at 2023, Bob Rogers, Secretary Treasurer of ULD CARE, the global organization, sends an upbeat message from Hong Kong for 2023.
     “It was a productive year for ULD CARE.
     “Not only did we manage to put together a face-to-face meet up which was greatly enjoyed by everybody, but also we have been pushing ahead with our projects to bring efficiency and sustainability to the operation of off airport ULD’s, a long-standing and very considerable source of pain and concern to the owners of the equipment.
     “We did revise our offering after we learned that we were perhaps a little too close to the line of competition law. The brief statement we have put out is followed by an updated version of the white paper we wrote on the subject.
     “Meanwhile Hong Kong and of course the Mainland are continuing a remarkable reopening to the world with new relaxation daily of the various COVID restrictions we have endured for the past almost 3 years. We seem set to be back bigger and better.
     “Happy days in HK.
     “Starting last weekend the long awaited quarantine free travel across the border to Shenzhen and beyond is lifted.
     “Flights between HK and the Mainland have been doubled already, and the high-speed train service will restart in a few days.
     “All this of course comes just days ahead of the Lunar New Year with the arrival of the rabbit.
     “People here are generally seeing a good year ahead and boy are we ready for it!
     “Watch for economic growth; we have both the Mainland and HK side of the border digging deep to reboot their economies.
     “Just last week Guangzhou announced just shy of USD$1Trillion worth of new infrastructure projects of which $81billion will happen this year (don’t forget, this is just one province in China, albeit one of the larger ones), while here in HK last week's Airport Authority USD$3 billion bond issue was eight times oversubscribed, indicating just how confident the finance community is in the future of HK as an aviation hub.
     “Perhaps Mr. Willie Walsh will have to eat his words before long . . .
     “Happy New Year to everyone around the world.”
Bob Rogers

Chinese New Year of The Rabbit 2023 begins on Sunday, January 22nd, 2023, and celebrations culminate with the Lantern Festival on February 5th, 2023.

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