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   Vol. 22 No. 30
Monday September 11, 2023

Back To School

Geoffrey Arend and Obhishek Hashemi Arend

     Back To School . . . All year long it’s about back to work or back to a trade show or a business encounter.
     This one is me with my grandson Obhishek on the first full day of Kindergarden at “The School in the Garden” in Forest Hills, located equidistant between LaGuardia Airport and JFK International in Queens, New York.
     Talk about life catching up with you, that school in a beautiful neighborhood setting is very near Saint Luke’s Episcopal, where I was baptized, confirmed and served as an altar boy.
     Interestingly, noted working on a story that the photo with Obhi reminiscent of, an excellent video treatment, in fact beyond words, of The Beatles "Abbey Road" Album Cover viewable here.
     But the real thrill was holding hands and doing it in the road with a four-year old, on his way in life going to attend school for the first time.

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