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   Vol. 23 No. 2
Wednesday January 17, 2024

Cargo Conversion Tech Help Boeing

  Latest Boeing B737 Max fiasco with a door plug blowing off in flight ending up in someone’s backyard, brings even further sadness to the continued decline in reputation for a company once regarded as standard of the world.
  For the fifth consecutive year, Airbus in 2023 delivered more aircraft and landed more orders than Boeing, reflecting the company's ongoing challenges most notably with the 737 Max.
  As bad as it is for Boeing, it could have been a lot worse.
  That brand new Alaska Airlines B737 Max 9 midair blowout scared the hell out of everyone, but no one was hurt.
  Taking a positive approach, we all hope, is we can learn and expect an even tighter and better Max 9 in the future.
  As of December 2023, the 737 MAX has 4,783 unfilled orders and with maybe 6,500 airplanes of the type in various series already in service.
  The world counts on Boeing 737s that, as you read this, represent a quarter of the total global fleet of large commercial jets flying today.
  For air cargo there are numbers of re-engineered B737s being converted to freighters.
  Since Boeing got its 737-800BCF program approved in 2018, about 150 737-800 freighter conversions have entered service.
  At last count, eight airlines operate fleets with more than one 737-800 freighter conversion.
  Started thinking about how cargo conversions demand the need to install advanced systems including a brilliantly superior cargo door.
  Aeronautical Engineers Inc. (AEI) 12 pallet B737-800SF Freighter Conversion stands out among best in the world at that kind of work right now.
  AEI's cargo door has earned a reputation of being the most robust and reliable in the conversion industry.
  The AEI engineered cargo door like the one installed on this Ethiopian Cargo beauty is hydraulically operated and actuated from the inside of the aircraft by a independent system. Hydraulic pressure is available from two sources: a 28VDC electrically operated hydraulic pump or a manual hand pump. The door control and manual pump are located on the 9g barrier, allowing a single person to operate the door manually.
  Wonder if the big thinkers at Boeing are or should be talking to AEI?
  Based in Miami, Florida for more than 60 years, AEI provides advanced engineering solutions for aircraft owners and operators, and maybe builders?
  When you think about it more cargo engineering input into passenger aircraft can't hurt especially the next time the world needs them.

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